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The Hunter: DG 09-04-2012 10:39 PM

Rail Extension of BT-4 Combat
Ok, extremely sorry if I posted in the wrong spot, but I could not find a BT section or a techie section and this was the best I could find. If this is in the wrong spot I'm sorry but couldnt find a better spot to post.

Anyways, here goes.

Ok, so sometime in the future I'm gonna buy another gun a BT-4, I want to put a Magpul AFG grip on it, but the grip is a longer type grip, (NOT a vertical grip) and i need 5" of rail space. I dont think the bt-4 has that much rail space, so I was thinking, well, get a rail extension. But - I got a small problem, there is none I can find except for one and it costs $30. Seriously, its just a rail, surely there is a cheaper version out there, can you guys help me please.
This is the one I found, cannot find one cheaper, so this is somewhat of an issue.
ARR-9474 - 5" Rail Extension Yankee Hill Machine Aluminum 5" Long 1/2" Tall
I dont need a full metal rail, or at least not one from Yankee Hill, they are quite a big name in real guns, I only need a cheaper version, if it was under $20 I would be very happy. Please help me out here.

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