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I love my mini. I love it so much, I moved my Sl8R to the back seat in favor of it.

I did a nice trigger job to it, and it shoots like a dream. I've owned it for 4 months now, and have probably put 20+ cases through it. Just clean it and maintain it like you would any other gun.

Misbalanced? I don't think it's even fair to mention that. different people prefer guns that are weighted differently. The Mini, overall, light, which means you can swing your arms to run faster. It IS a little top and back heavy. But that just means that hopper and tank manufacturers haven't caught up with it yet. It's enclosed. Which means you can crawl around on your belly with it. Or slide through that mud puddle on your knees. It's really not that loud if you bother setting it up right*. I use a deadlywind barrel with it.

I love it. And I would recommend it to anyone.

*How to set a paintball gun up right... For practice, if your tournament series allows 13 balls per second, lower the pressure and adjust the dwell and power tube volume so that it's mechanically impossible to fire faster than 13.
THEN, for tournament play, figure out how fast you can actually shoot, or actually do shoot, and change all your settings to 1 ball faster than that. This will guarantee that your gun is wicked quiet and mows faces.

I run my pressure at 135 and my power tube volume at the minimum and I adjust my dwell to get the desired velocity. All you can hear is the splat on the other guy's face.
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I like mine. At my local field Minis are slowly displacing PMRs as the vogue gun. I've only seen one poppet lock so far caused by a dead battery which was user error since the thing has a battery gauge.

That being said, the regulator is completely impossible to service as a consumer(but you can buy extra regulators at $50 each ) and the reg/mount/frame system is prone to shooting itself loose.
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Do I need to mention that this thread is 2 months shy of a year old?
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I have put about two cases thru my sunset mini. I have not had one barrel break, chop, or leaks with it at all. I have big hands and it fits perfectly. I have no intentions with upgrading it other than the freak all-american barrel. Very nice marker..
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hes already gotten the mini and got rid of it
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I have had mine for almost a year and my only complaint is my son keeps borrowing it. I had a air issue once when a field owner went to crono it for my son when I wasn't right there and he turned the factory set regulator instead of the cap behind the bolt. Maintainence is easy, super light great for snap shooting, comes stock clamping feedneck and a decent barrel. I have owned over a dozen markers and sold a few on ebay but I would only sell this to my son so I could possibly get it back someday.
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I just got my Olive shooter....
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I recently purchased a mini and couldn't be happier with it. Easy to clean, shoots fast, and the stock barrel is very accurate. I'm not going into a full review, but you can count me as another satisfied mini owner!
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Ive had 2 and i have enjoyed both
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