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I believe the TM-7 and Mini are essentially the same marker, so set the TM-7 up the way you used to set your Minis.

I'd really suggest a Boss bolt. They do wonders for these guns.
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I can't find the bouncy but "This thread is worthless without pics"
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Pingy? Stock barrel will do that too .. 250 is defintely too high...Hope you get it sorted out.Super fun marker!
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i turned it back down, told my little bro how to rechrono it.... idk if he's even shot it since then... lol
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You asked for pics... so here you go:

I had two black TM-7's that I changed both to tan


It had the spring mod and a broken trigger stop... so I adapted.

It also had an Empire TM series rip clip. Worked very nicely and was really consistent over the chrono.


(Ignore the rip clip)... I had an 8" lapco barrel and a 12" lapco barrel, and an apex V1 to use. This is now with a friend. I re-shot it the other day, and it is performing very nicely. I upgraded to the V2 solenoid, and also did the spring trigger mod. I still don't like the trigger either way tbh.

Best thing to do.. remove the stock and just the bottle as a stock to be honest.

When I had problems with reg creep, I cleaned the reg out the best I could, and then critically... reset the zero point (No air pressure) setting. I am pretty sure this is one of the main reasons for creep with this reg. (You do this by using the knob on the front of the reg... and I'm sure many new people mistake this for the regulator adjustment knob).
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Flasc double trigger, ape board, barrel, maybe a bolt..

Just installed the ape board on my friends marker, with the different magnet design on the hall effect sensor, it responds better, the select fire is also much stiffer now than it was with the stock board. (was an issue for my friend)

Also a relay is always a worthwhile buy.
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