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Invert Mini 87fps??

I recently purchased a used Invert Mini.
When it came to me it had what seemed to be the correct amount of grease internally.
I used for a day (chronoed at 270fps), shot about 1000 rounds through it no issues except it was flashing red (battery getting low)
Cleaned it later that night, wiped down the internals put fresh TechT GunSav grease on it, and a new 9V Duracell. Did not touch the velocity screw.

Next morning went to chrono and it first was at 140fps then continued to drop down to 87fps. Meanwhile I was trying both directions on the velocity screw. No change.

Frustrated. Went back to camp pulled out internals wiped them all off. Put back together and dry fired. Same thing. Sounded very weak. No clue why.

Was using a 68/4500 tank w/~3000 psi in it (and later used on a different marker. no problem) Marker regulator was at 200psi.

Ugh...any ideas?
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Sounds like a weak noid. I don't think they are extremely expensive.
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I had one that would do this after sitting for a month or more without being fired. Sometimes it just took walking the trigger for 20-30 shots and then it would be fine. Never did figure it out.
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Try resetting the board. They will sometimes do this if the batt voltage gets too low before you change the batt.
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Just call Empire/Kee, they will send ya a new noid for free.
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try clicking the noid without air about 10 times
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