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Resurrection owners--consistency?

Hey guys, I've put a couple cases (and plenty of dry firing) through my Res by now and I just can't get the consistency to tighten up over the chrono. I shoot a decent underbore (.684 paint through .680) and do my best to balance the HPR and hammer spring tension. I've taken the reg apart to clean and apply fresh lube with no real change. Any input would be appreciated.

Also, it's not the tank. That's been checked and it works great on my other markers.
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how consistent is your paint? how round is your paint? paintballs that have wide size variations within the bag, or a large difference between the minimum and maximum diameter (all paint is oblong to a degree) will have a larger swing in fps over a chrono.

have you tried shooting the same paint with your other markers? what are the results with those?
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Barrels are like girls... Some people are just happy to have one that looks good. Or even one that everyone else likes. Other people want a tight, accurate bore to run their balls through.
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I'm aware and yes I've gauged the paint. It varies no more than your standard bag of mid-grade paint and sizes between .678 and .684 or so. My other markers are all much more consistent.
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That's odd. At Legends, the chrono ref had to ask me to keep shooting over the chrono, the same numbers kept coming up.

Might be time to call KEE/Paintball Solutions and see if they can do anything for you.
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Take your reg apart and re-lube. I heard one guy had no lube in his reg straight from the factory Review from DocFire - his LPR came from the factory with no lube

If your not comfortable tearing apart your reg watch this video

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I took my first reg apart at age 10 so that's a non-issue.

I actually pulled it apart and relubed the day I got the marker so that wasn't the problem. The marker is now shooting much more consistently (+/- 4-5) now that I've changed paint....perhaps my sample size of the paint I was using was just too small and the variance was higher than I initially said. All is well in the world.
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