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CQC Trracer

I recently acquired a Trracer. I want to set it up for CQC. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a a barrel no longer than 8 inches. I already am looking to the 13/3000 HPA tank, and i already have the 10 round spring feed.
Thanks for your help.
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Look for a WWA freak tip.
Here's my Trracer with one. So much fun.
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My personal preference is freak all the way, the freak AC adapter is 4.75 " long. you can add a front piece you custom cut to the front
** Buy or use a freak front adapter (that came with the freak kit) and cut it to the length you want. it's beneficial because if you want a longer barrel later all you need to do is use a freak front instead of carrying around 2 or more long barrels.
**with a hacksaw, table saw, or chop saw you can cut the barrel simply enough.
**** For hack saw make sure you have a vice and a hand towel (wrap the barrel in it to prevent scratching)****
table saw and hack saw you need to mark a line around then score it with the saw all the way around, and finally cut through.
** Once through take a file, file the end of the cut side to take off edge burrs, and use a knife to reem the inside to make it smooth.
** Following that take take a piece of tape and tape the barrel all the way around at whatever length you would prefer to be silver (from the aluminum underneath) I did 1/4"
** Next step is to use sandpaper in increments of coarseness to smooth out the end, start with 180 grit then move to 400 and finally 600 grit, once smooth polish with a normal kitchen scrubbing pad and sponge.
** If you follow all the steps correctly you should get something that looks like this old spyder barrel i decided to shorten (it was 21" long {WTF!}):
I hope this helped
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Kermitt nice man tracer looks great
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That is a pretty neat mod
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