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Mini asa

I have a mini that I want to change the Asa on. I unscrewed the left side grip panel and looked where the screws for the Asa should be but there are no screws in the holes. Is it possible that the screws were inserted from the right side?

The grip panel screws see not budging so before I cut the screws off I want to make sure this is even a possibility.
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What kind of Mini do you have? Different ones use different ASAs. If you know which kind you have, you can go on YouTube and search for a maintenance/repair video (like this) that will show you how to take it apart.

In every case, however, you can't remove the ASA without first removing the grips and the regulator inside the frame. So make sure you can remove the grips first.

Also, the ASA on the Mini isn't just an ASA. It's also a regulator. So it's not interchangeable with most aftermarket ASAs. You might be able to upgrade the ASA to another Mini ASA from a later generation, but you can't swap it out for an OOPS or something like that.
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Invert mini. I am replacing the stock one with one from a gs so that it has the lever to turn off the air flow.

I know how to remove the Asa as I've done so on my axe. My question is if it's possible that the screws that hold the Asa on could have been threaded in from the right side. Like is it physically possible to do so. The screws on the right side grip panel have heads that are stripped so I don't want to go about cutting them if I don't need to.
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