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so i bought a trracer.....

as the title implies, i bought a trracer off a guy here on mcb.

it has the SS bolt, which i am happy about for longevity's sake. and i have no intentions of doing nay real "upgrading" to it to speak of, but every gun needs a good barrel.

im looking for suggestions, based on what yall like on your trracers and why.

i am kind of a keep it simple guy, and am committed to a single one piece barrel. (i am open to the idea of a larger bore and like one lapco sizer, but thats about as far as it goes.) i am currently rocking a .681 tight stick on my go to gat a second gen azodin KP and loving, and killing it.

this will be my first nelson, and am interested in what length/bore/amount of porting/etc you guys like and why. from handling to personal aesthetics.

i plan on running a 13ci or a 12g changer depending on the day. and am comitting to the back bottle when i run the 13.

SUGGEST AWAY! i want as many as possible!
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also, tell me why yo love or hate your trracer! what am i in for?
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What trraccer is it?
The "new" empire cocker threaded: you have ton of options ...
The "old" PMI: you need to make sure you don't have too much rollout ...

I have not played with the empire one, but the PMI one is a beast, but you will need to make a detent.
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I think for most here, I'd use the term "collect" loosely. It's more like hoarding.
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empire. so let em rip
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This Empire Trracer.

Most of my experience with Trracers is with the old pmi line, but I got some time in with the Empire ones as well.

The pmi Trracer line evolved, got better, made improvements. You can chart the line by year based off of what little nuance got improved upon all through the '90's. The primary competitors, the kingman hammer, actually got worse in those years as they tried to make the marker cheaper to produce rather than make improvements. The phantom existed but was well outside of the price range of a pump gun in a mech semi market. In the <$150 entry level pump market the trracer had no equal. Features like velocity adjustable bolts, anti-double feeds, even the really slick anti double cocking feature all started on their premium line and made it onto the base level the following year.

The Empire line had clear improvements over the pmi line. They managed to include some really slick design details that were in the spirit of the original lines development - or they made each and every part incompatible with the original parts for legal reasons (take your pick; is the glass half empty or half full?).

The pmi trracer (I own several still) and the empire trracer (the one I just sold) are nice, functional shooters. The empire updates makes the design even more relevant to today's paintball scene with First Strike capability, a world of barrel options, and a wider power tube that allows for (slightly) lower pressure operation and HPA.

After the 90's the phantom really started making into the forefront, or rather storefronts of the paintball scene. Like the trracer, the phantom is rich in tech design and nuance. Most would agree that the phantom is a better pump marker over any trracer. They may be right. I have owned several buzzards, and those are in a higher class than the phantoms. It's really hard to put the differences in words, it is just something that you have to put in your hands and experience. That said, the empire trracer seems stiff and cheap compared to the phantom and buzzard. There is a corresponding difference in prices, if only for that very reason.

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