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move the firing point ?

i was wondering if this was possible or if anyone knew of a trigger that would give this result
so i picked up a mini and love it , my only gripe is that the "firing point" seems to be at the very start of the trigger pull , i have played with the adjustment screws but i prefer my trigger pulls to be very short and tight instead of the "sloppy post travel " that the invert has , so again does anyone know of a trigger shape that would help me in this matter or should i just try to find a screw with the same threading to make my own adjustment screw?

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Get a longer 4-40 screw for the travel screw (the one mid-way down the trigger).

With different screws, you can set up your trigger how ever you want.

Also, by adjusting your fore-travel screw and the firing point, you can get a very short pull (1mm).
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the trigger on a mini uses a magnetic sensor to fire. so you can adjust the trigger in a few different ways, but ultimately the sensor magnet only has a small adjustment range and will always be at the start of the pulll.
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