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23 June 2013, TFD: Takur Ghar 2.5 Against all Odds, UK

23 June 2013, TFD: Takur Ghar 2.5 Against all Odds, UK

23rd June 2013
TICKETS ARE ON SALE - just email to book

Task Force Delta present TG 2.5 - Against All Odds.

With the action in Takur Ghar heating up, Intel recovered has indicated that a fundamentalist group is in contact with a South American drug cartel.

This new alliance has got the US on edge with reports of a tunnel system connecting the two continents. Spy planes and drones have been sent to monitor the area with assets on the ground to verify this new threat.

A US Navy SEAL Team is on standby ready to react to any threat that comes their way. Both sides want to achieve their goals and both will do so: Against All Odds.

We are hosting this game at Skirmish Paintball Dorset. (Skirmish Paintball Dorset - Oak Cottage, Berewood, Bere Regis, Dorset, BH20 7JL)
This is the first game we are holding at this site, the place lends itself to a lot of fantastic game scenarios and the staff there are great people. We certainly have loads of interesting missions planned, but youíll have to wait and see what that entails. As always we will be pulling out the all the stops. If you have been to any of our previous events, youíve had a taste for what we do already.

Tickets are £50 per person and will include a box of Sterling Shield paint extra paint is £30 per box. This is a site paint only event (not like you want to be lugging boxes of paint to the event anyway, let us carry that load) and the default paint of choice will be Sterling Shield. We can look into other types of paint upon request, but the cost maybe different.

Only pyro supplied by Task Force Delta will be permitted. Pre order is required as we will have to buy the stock direct from Enola Gaye before the event. There will be a very SMALL stock of pyro available to buy on the day. Prices are detailed below:

EG18 Smoke Grenade: £4.99
Wire Pull Smoke Grenade: £2.99
Large Smoke Grenade (Striker Top): £1.99
MK5 Thunderflash: £2.50

Tickets are limited to 70 first come will be first served. Please message us via our teams Facebook page or email Jamie - to book your ticket. Payments can be made via PayPal or bank transfer. Details of these payment methods will be provided upon receipt of your booking enquiry.

We will need to know how many additional boxes of paint you may require when booking or at the very latest; 2 weeks before the event. This is so that we can get the right amount of paint on site for everyone. If you want any other sort of paint, please let us know WELL in advance. Same thing applies to pyro; let us know how much you want when you book your ticket or 2 weeks before the event.

There will be...

The Sentry as seen on TV Episode 5: Man and Machine | How To Survive A Disaster Movie | Channel 5 oh and she had a face lift now...
Pandoraís Box
And more smoke and bangs than the 5th of November
But telling any more would be giving too much away about the scenario.

If there one thing you can trust, itís that the TFD raise bars and for the lucky few who come and try this site with our scenarios is in for a real treat, if you like hard and fast in your face battles with Snipers and CQB and some of the most varied and challenging terrain from Dark Forests to Ravines and dense Jungle we have it all, throw in our working props and we are talking some of the best game play money can buy...

Ok, so who likes fancy dress and paintball? What about the two combined. We are going to make it optional at Against All Odds for players to dress in faction 'uniforms'. SEALS wear camo (any type) and Fundamentalists wear non camo (jeans, tshirt, hoodie, etc). There will be prizes for the best fundamentalist costume... prizes will be something along the lines of a box of paint and a few EG18s

We look forward to seeing you all!

Task Force Delta
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Infidels General: SNR (Going Postal)

Seals General: ??? (We need an alternative General, PM me if interested)

Time is running out, book up for what will be adrenalin fuelled game. Against All Odds is going to rock you.

We have pulled out the stops again for the lucky few who grab tickets, you will never play a woods ball game in the same light again. We have put a fair bit of effort to make a game, that makes every players actions count and you will count. Task Force Delta are placing all of our props in the field for this game and what a collection of props we have and the bonus they are all working props, no running around the field with empty suitcases and pretend bombs, TFD bespoke their own and you wonít find them anywhere else. Just to list them make me cringe how much work itís going to be to place them into the field.

Solarco (Sentry Gun)
Pandora (Neutron Bomb)
Reaper 4 (UAV this is usable and is remotely viewed on a command panel)
Tripwires (These are placed in the field and tripping one will render you killed anyone close by)
M80 land mines (a few of you may remember these from TG3)
C4 Remote (these are great fun and when used they can swing a game to your advantage)
Plus a couple more but you will have to wait for the day.

And with our sponsors support Enola Gaye we will have more smoke and bangs than 5th of November, and with the use of their new black smoke itís going to epic.

The Player pack will launch 2 weeks before the gameÖ
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