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17 & 18/08/2013, Takur Ghar Prequel : Tora Bora Tunnels, UK

17 & 18/08/2013, Takur Ghar Prequel : Tora Bora Tunnels, UK

Takur Ghar Prequel : Tora Bora Tunnels

Drakelow Tunnels 17th & 18th August

Play the scenario that started the Takur Ghar series

Task Force Delta & Demon Present: Tora Bora tunnels

Ticket 55.00 from Welcome to Demon Paintball - Demon Paintball and will be limited to only 150 tickets.

This is going to be a hard fight for control of the White Mountains. The Insurgents rocked the world to its core and a military operation by US and British Special Forces has found the world’s most wanted man in his HQ strong hold in the Tora Bora region.
Information suggests the HQ is deep in the mountains in a tunnels system which is well defended by his devoted followers.
This will be a unique fight for both sides with twists and surprises in the darkness of the White Mountains.

This is a 2 day event; both days will have six hours game play. There will be a Hot Shot competition on Saturday night with a prize for the winner. You can camp onsite for people wanting to. Alcohol is allowed but in moderation and must be in plastic bottles or cans there can be NO GLASS on site.

Optional Dress Code
This is for fun and help add to the dimension of the game. You are able to where your team kit this is only an option.
Special Forces in combat uniform (i.e. MTP-Marpat etc etc).
Insurgents in authentic regional dress (i.e. Jeans and t-shirts and or white bed sheets over if desired).
The aim of this is whilst in the darkness of the tunnels and whilst players will have glow sticks to identify themselves, it will be easier to recognise a player as either friend or foe and hopefully adds a little extra to the game.

BZ Stand
BZ will be attending this Game with their store.

There will be onsite Catering supplying your food needs.

There will be in game pyro in the form of trip wires and bangs.
This event will be Site pyro only.

Paint will be site only at 32.50 a box for clear.
and Glow paint 11.00 for a bag of 500 (ONLY 100 BAGS) for anyone who has their own Tracer unit, or you can rent one from BZ

for 5.00
Piant cut off date is 12th July order your paint from Welcome to Demon Paintball - Demon Paintball

This game is an unlimited paint game, however due to the nature of Drakelow we think you will only need 1 or two boxes a day,

the game will be strictly semi only.

You can camp inside the tunnels in designated areas if you are brave enough.
Alcohol is permitted this will be bring your own and not in any glass containers, NO GLASS on site

This game is going to rock, we know that Drakelow is a great venue and has a lot of potential, we have always had big plans

for the place, Demon being just a two person outfit have never had the time to bring these plans to light. However with TFD

and Demon joining forces for this one, its going to be special. In game pyro, Lighting effects, sound effects, smoke effects

and just about everything we can dream up.

This will be the last time we can play the whole site, as its being converted into a museum so if you want a fast paced black

as night, doom and gloom game then this is for you…

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