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Buy/Sell/Trade Rules
The rules are simple:

1) Post an ad not a link
B/S/T threads that consist solely of links to ads placed on other websites are not permitted.

2) State a price
Sale ads must state a specific price. No auctions or fishing for competing offers will be tolerated. Be advised that moderators may issue warnings or infractions when a user ad is deemed to be a veiled attempt at fishing for a price or otherwise violates the B/S/T rules.

2.1) Paypal Fees and Gifting
You can not ask for fees to be paid by the seller. Fees are a cost of doing business. To get exactly $50, search for paypal fee calculator in a search engine, and ask for the amount that would give you $50 after fees. Buyers will not pay for fees.

Gifting is also not allowed. If at any point a seller asks the buyer to send money as a gift, they will be banned. Never, NEVER, never send money as a gift. Gifting means you gave the money freely, so if no product is sent, there is no recourse from the buyers point of view. If paypal finds out you lied about the gift, it's the buyer that gets banned, not the seller. In gifting the buyer takes all responsibility, and therefore the buyer should NEVER gift.

3) Be honest about the condition
Be clear, honest in your descriptions of items for sale or trade and fully disclose any issues that the item has.

4) Please use proper English.
Internet slang, foul language and the use of symbols in B/S/T is discouraged and extreme examples or deliberate disregard of this rule may result in thread closings or other sanctions.

5) B/S/T thread titles should be clear and concise.
The use of unnecessary symbols or emphasis such as capitals, etc. will result in editing and/or closing until in compliance with this rule.

6) Extra Search Terms, or Site Names in Pictures is not Allowed.
Adding extra search terms or including pictures which identify or link to other websites is not permitted. Such items will be summarily removed and repeat violators of this rule may be issued infraction points.
7) Upping your Thread
Yes, sometimes your post will fall back a page or two. You may "UP" the post by replying to it once every 24 hours. Threads that are “Upp'd” by the (original) poster more than once a day will be closed.

8) No PayPal (or other payment processing system) fees to buyer
Do not make a sales price and then add that the buyer must pay an additional % to cover your PayPal (or other payment processing system) fees. Those fees are for the SELLER, not the BUYER. If you want to cover those standard selling/transaction fees please adjust your sales price accordingly before posting the thread.

9) Violation of BST rules will result in thread closure or locking and may result in the issuance of infractions to the offending user. Repeated violations and the accumulation of infraction points may result in temporary or permanent ban from either theB/S/T forum or the website as a whole.

Thank You.

General Rules
These are rules that go for all forums. Rules already posted in the Buy/Sell/Trade section is considered a given and continue over to this section.

1) Be courteous to other members
Direct flaming, attacks or threats among users will not be tolerated. Violations of this rule will result in the issuance of infractions and will most likely result in the issuance of infractions that may, in turn, lead to a temporary ban. Repeat offenses and/or extreme behavior may result in a forum ban.

2) No Spam
Users who join this site solely to post commercial threads and/or links to other websites will be banned summarily. Any user who posts subject matter deemed by the staff to be spam may be issued an infraction, which may in turn lead to a ban.

3) Signatures
Signatures are to be limited to ten lines or fewer and to no larger than the standard font. Signatures with content deemed unacceptable by the staff will be deleted. Repeated and purposeful violations of this rule will result in the issuance of an infraction.

4) No Trolling
On this website, “trolling” is defined as the posting of inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages with the primary intent of provoking other users into a desired emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion. Posts deemed to be trolling by the staff will be deleted and infractions will be issued as appropriate. Repeat offenders of this rule will be banned from the forum.

5)No politics, race or religion
We all have different points of view. But we come together to talk about and share our experiences with and about Paintball! Threads or posts that are deemed to be unnecessarily controversial or offensive are subject to deletion. Infractions will be issued to posters as necessary.

6)No pornography or obscenity
Any posts or threads containing pornography or obscenity will be deleted and infractions will be issued to the poster. People of all ages come to this website and in keeping with public decorum, this site is to be considered "G-rated" for such purposes. This rule is slightly looser in the so-called "Bar and Grill" forum in the members only section where images and discussions of a "PG-13" nature will be tolerated.

7)Infractions, points and banning
From time to time, Administrators or Moderators may feel that it is appropriate to issue warnings or infractions for inappropriate behavior or violations of the posted rules by users. Infractions will include points which, if accumulated, may result in a temporary or permanent IP banning of the offending user. Temporary Bans last anywhere from 3 to 14 days. Beyond that, a permanent ban is just what it says, permanent.

If you feel an infraction was issued in error, or wish to appeal a temporary ban, please contact me directly at:

Posting News
If you are an MCB Premium Member, you can post news in the "In The News" forum and it will automatically get posted to the Main Page for everyone to read.

Please keep this news section as Paintball Related as possible. New product releases, tournament schedules, press releases, and company information should all go here.

News comes out quick, and since everyone in the MCB Premium Membership can post, we should always be up to date and informed.

Remember: News and reviews appearing on the front page form the face of the MCB community and, as such, may be moved and/or edited as deemed appropriate if their content is not up to our high standards.

Paintball Dealers
No dealer merchandising posts, or sales offers by dealers are permitted in forums OTHER than the "Dealers Forum". Such posts will be deleted and repeat offenders will be subject to issuance of infraction points

How to Post a Review
An example of a comprehensive review can be found here:

Please try to include pictures with your reviews. Have the review be as neutral as possible. Meaning: You're not pushing the product just because you like the company, or bashing the product for the same reason. Give both good and bad points.

Don't expect the reader to know everything about the product. Go into detail, and explain where needed.

Reviews will automatically be posted on the Main Page for everyone to see, so remember that everyone will be reading it. Make sure it is of the quality that you want them to read.

How to Insert Images into Your Post
To include pics "inline":
- Use the Advacned editing feature, not the "quick reply".
-Click on the paperclip icon, youll get a pop-up window to browse to your image.
-Browse to the image you want to upload, then click "upload"
-If not successfull, you'll see a message indicating the max allowable file size
-If successfull, you'll see your image added to a list in the popup window...close that window when done. -Click the "down arrow" next to the "Paperclip"
-This time you'll see your image listed in a drop-down list.
-Click on the image'll see it inserted at the cursor position in your post.
-Submit post as normal.

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