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Things to remember for Winter paintball.

Lots of people are asking what to wear or do when playing paintball in the winter.

We have a game on saterday and there will be snow, so I will do a small write up with some tips to help people prepare.


Layers!! Wear lots of them, or have them availibe. Base layer, mid layers and outer layers. If your cold add more, if your hot, take some off. The worst thing you can do is wear something way to big and warm and have no way to remove it without getting too cold...or wearing something too thin and being cold.

Forget trying to be 'waterproof' Anything that is truely waterproof you will sweat your bag off in and still end up just as wet...So, aim for water resistant but breathable outer wear, and water wicking baselayers.


Wear long johns if you have them, or fleece or wool.

Bring a change of clothes for the end of the day!!

Shoes: Bring LOTS OF SOCKS

Forget your runners. Wear boots. Sorels if you want, hikeing boots...whatever.

Your feet are going to get wet. but you are only playing for the day. Have dry socks and shoes for the end of day.

preferably in sets of inner and outer socks. The inner ones should be liner socks that wick water/sweat away and the outer socks should be wool or some synthetic.


Gloves. Bring several pairs!

Hat, you lose a lot of heat out of your head. wear a hat!

Food! Eat! Have a REALL breakfast, and bring plenty of snacks that have protine and carbs. NOT SUGAR! your body will need the energy to stay warm as well as trying to play ball. Feed your body so you don't crash. Sugar gives you a surge and then your, eat nuts, samwiches, powerbars, crackers, fruit, veg, ...

Dont eat yellow snow!


Drink! WATER! just because your not sweating doesn't mean you don't need it! Your body is loosing moisture in the wind, and cold. Drink lots of water to stay hydrated! Drink warm or hot liquids if you can too. This will warm your core and reduce the amount of energy your body needs to stay warm.

DO NOT DRINK BOOZE! its a fake warm...but dam its good eh!

DONT eat snow! it cools your core temp and drains your body.

Bring a plastic bag for all your wet gear at the end of the day. And for gods sake wash it when you get home!!

Prep your gear! Lube your guns with a nice light coat of lube. Enough to stop the moisture from freezing your guns moving parts.

Make sure your gear back is water proof or off the ground so your stuff is not sitting in the snow.

If your cold, MOVE. Get the blood pumping. Do pushups or something.
Prepare ahead of time and bring hand and foot warmers if you need to.

If you are still cold, Say something. Speak up! maybe someone else has an extra coat, gloves or whatever to help.

Hope this helps

Lets have fun in the snow!
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I will have foot warmers for sale at the game too! $1 per
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Foot powder works too...

does wonders for your balls too! (and I'm not talking paint!)
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Originally Posted by Stilgar View Post
does wonders for your balls too! (and I'm not talking paint!)
Anyone that has been to Farnham has learned this, those that dont understand, than you wouldn't know
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Layers is the magic word. I didn't have anything fancy or high tech last weekend, but had 4 layers on my chest and long johns under my camo pants. didn't feel a thing, only my exposed finger tips were cold.
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