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Stilgar 04-21-2012 06:36 PM

Featuring Death Road Tour Take Two
OK, I discovered the source of my rage on the way home from Real Deal Paintball today.

I was miffed that the first event we planned to attend was a bust. However I came to realize that I was furious with myself for throwing in the towel on this tour. (I should have known, the only one who can make me this mad is myself!)

So I am not going to let you lot get me down. HOWEVER! I am going to ask you to be honest when you post about which events you WILL attend. Please do not say you will come and then pull out at the last minute. If you do not want to or cannot attend an event, Please state that up front as well. Respect the work I am putting into this.

I would also ask you to respect the fact that I am putting both my name and Featuring Deaths reputation out there by promoting us before we get to these events. Sound fair? Good.

I will copy the first post from the old thread in here next. Then I will sort out some kind of poll to get an idea as to where people want to play.

I am going to put today behind me and I will see you at the field with a smile on my face tomorrow!

Stilgar 04-21-2012 06:41 PM

From original thread

So What events, fields or activities are FD interested in participating in this year?

I know a lot of the guys want to go hit up EMR for Spring castle, pump castle, Pump Pande...and fall Castle?

Personally I would LOVE to hit up PRZ at least once this summer.

International Introduce Someone to Paintball Day 29 April
Operation Knightfall (Night game) 2 June
Asylum Warzone Summer game 8 July
Battlefield Asylum Fall game 1 Sept

I think we should go visit Hook over at Tactik during one of their events.

Big Game 9 June 2012Big Game 2 25 Aug 2012
Pump Event 6 Oct
Night Game 3 Nov
Doomday scenario 17 Nov
Winter Game TBA

I am sure we could also go visit PBP again for another event.

Next PBP game is Gang Wars III - More Boondock Saints on May 27

Real Deal is going to be putting on several events and big games this year as well. I had fun playing there before and think we should try and export some pump play to that field!

Marked, Commando? Carnage is a new one I never heard of before...?

Visit PBG 3 while he is still around!?

14 April was a success!! Thanks PBG3!
Once more when?

Road trip to Flagswipe


May 13th
Spring Big Game (Medieval Fantasy Theme...Details to follow)

June 17th
Spring Charity Big Game (Details to follow)

September 30th

October 28th
Customer Appreciation Day (Details to follow)

November 18th
Blizzard Ball

December 14th
London Foodbank Food Drive

or Wasaga?


Back to the Woods - Woodsball tourny 20 May
20th anniversary Special and Big game - 9 June
Alien Aggression 2 The Scorpion's Lair - 18 Aug

West Coast Pump Weekend for the super commited?

What are your thoughts? Ideas, comments, wishes?
From Monty!

Mirabel Tippman Challenge 10 Aug 2012

Added 25 April
Adrenaline Paintball Is having a pump and Pistol game 14 July.
-Pump, Pistol, Mag fed Limited ammo only event.
-$30 entry

Here is what Pinnical Paintball has to say about it!


We are super stoked to announce that we will be sponsoring the Pump and Pistols games on the Friday night before Canadian Carnage! CCM will be giving away a custom S6.5, and Sonny Lopez from LA Hitmen will be running a skills clinic from 5-6pm as well!

Games will run from 6pm through 8:30pm. Entry will be
free to all players who are registered for Canadian Carnage. Paint is $20 per bag or $80 per case and any unused paint can be used during the main event on Saturday.

We will be debuting the new CCI Phantom Revolution on Friday night as well!

So Pump players, get your pre-registrations in early, and let us know if you are coming on Friday as well!

PAINTBALL GUY 3 04-21-2012 06:55 PM

Cheer up friend, you got your brass baby now! Spend some alone time with her and things will be alright.;)

BullShift 04-21-2012 07:01 PM

If you guys come to Alien Aggression Pt. 2... That would be absolutely amazing!

Bob T Guy 04-21-2012 10:24 PM

Might be nice if we could hit up some Gravity League games down south.
(Says the guy who can't reliably commit to anything)

Stilgar 04-22-2012 07:28 AM

I like that idea and I am tasking you with gathering more info on those events. Get the 5 Ws and an estimate of cost and let's see if it is doable.

Chaz 04-22-2012 12:20 PM

Would be great if you guys could make it down for one of the Wasaga or Flagraiders big games. Would love to play with you guys.

moving_target 04-22-2012 12:47 PM


Originally Posted by Stilgar (Post 2313972)
I like that idea and I am tasking you with gathering more info on those events. Get the 5 Ws and an estimate of cost and let's see if it is doable.

here's the Gravity League schedule, just to be helpful.

Stilgar 04-23-2012 02:58 PM

Next PBP game is Gang Wars III - More Boondock Saints on May 27

I added this to the list in the second post.

Chaz 04-23-2012 03:33 PM


Originally Posted by CJOttawa (Post 2314259)
FYI: Gravity League would be about 588km, 7-hours of driving.

I would enjoy a gravity league trip.

Ottawa, ON to Litchfield, NH, USA - Google Maps

Chaz: What's the style of play? We lean toward pump, low rate of fire, limited paint.

I haven't played a big game at Wasaga in years to be honest. I kind of fell out of playing paintball at that level. Last time I played was a Wayne Dollack big game. 12 hour scenario running from 10am - 10pm.
If memory serves me right it was a very target rich, high volume paint game. I have no clue what kind of crowd they draw these days.
If its still that way I don't think you will enjoy it to be honest.

EDIT: I think this is more for me to play with you guys. Love the group and what you stand for and just really want to play with a cool group. That being said, I will watch what you and the group are trying to hit and if something fits into my schedule I will see you there. If not, well, there is always next year :

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