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Bought a Mini from Wally. Arrived quickly, and exactly as described.

Wally is a class act!
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As expected


This is the second time I have worked with Walz. He recently repaired my Enforcer and here are some points Id like to touch on.
(1)Work was completed in under 2 months!
(2)Provided Email updates with pictures and emailed with any questions
(3)Pricing was very reasonable (id go as far as saying generous!)
(4)Quality - Exceptional. I can't say enough here. Not only did he really grasp what customization I wanted done but the quality/fit/finish was exceptional.
(5)Packaging/Shipping - Really well shipped/packaged.

All of this is to say, if you want work done Walz has to be at the top of your list. The transaction is always a breeze and the quality will prevent you from focusing on simple tasks for days after you receive your product.

Thanks again, look forward to our next deal!
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Another pleasant transaction

I gladly traded my piranha for wally's phantom, could have been smoother, nor could I have dealt with a nicer gentleman, looking forward to future business.

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40% buying
20% tinkering
15% drinking
10% cooking
5% gearing up
.9% walking
.1% pulling the trigger
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its MCB, we single handedly keep the post office in business.
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Folks! What can I tell you about my next feedback? This cat allowed himself to be adored, and loved. And his success as an Air smith was matched by his achivements in his personal relationships and with his builds, all he's made deals with – that’s where he really excelled . And he came to believe that work, business, love, his whole life, even himself and all that jazz, was noble venture. He became numero uno game player – . Like, for this cat, the only reality – is death, man, and anything else is possible with brass. Ladies and gentlemen, let me lay on you a great builder, and a great humanitarian, and this cat is a great friend to all. In this, his many appearance's on the great stage of life – uh, you can applaud if you wanna. Mr.Waltz!

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My pops WALZ made me the owner of the most beautiful Freak Barreled KPMI I have ever seen. His work is outstanding. If there ever was brass Gods they would call upon WALZ to forge all their work.

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Grandpa WALZ made me a blue and red Minnie/Mickey mouse PGP. She was so pleased and thrilled to have it and I'll admit I was even more excited about it then her. WALZ is a master artist to all things paintball and brass!
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Justin Dover
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Wally made the time to make me a completely new stock, trigger assembly and stain for my double barrel pgp, that he fitted into his tight schedule and done very quickly, this thing looks amazing now, thanks walz!
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What you guys don't know how bad of a gun whore I am yet? Lol
Originally Posted by Josilk View Post the same, meaning of life is to play with all the toys not own all the toys
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I bought a PGP 2K bolt from WALZ. What can I say, easy to deal with and super fast shipping. Looking forward to more deals with WALZ!
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Surely you don't need yet another stellar feedback to decide if Wally is good people. Deal with the man!

(WALZ picked me for a free build, and then refunded my money when I tried to repay him a portion of the value. Thanks, WALZ, you are the man)
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Q: Is paintball a sport?
A: Society sucks

Join us next time for another episode of Existential MCB


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Made me a stock for my phantom lever... Great timing, great communication, amazing product! Thanks Wally!!!
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