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destro7976 04-04-2011 08:18 AM

Pump_paintballer's Feedback
It is a sad day...this is the first time I have ever had to leave negative feedback on MCB. I made a deal with Pump_paintballer on 2/24/11. We were trading markers and I was adding $50 which I paypal'ed him as soon as we made our agreement. I did not receive the items when expected and after two weeks finally got a message saying he had pneumonia but would get them out as soon as he could. I say "no problem" and "I hope you feel better". It has been over three more weeks and no markers and no communication. I have a dispute in with paypal and will soon be making it a claim. I hope I can get my money back...
So buyer beware, use caution when dealing with this guy. When he is communicating he seems like a nice person but his actions have spoken otherwise.

B.R. 10-26-2011 02:24 PM

yeah, i bought a mini ptp cocker from him (on ebay linked from here). the sled had a chunk out of it were the pump rod threads in and a big ding on the top back corner.
when asked why he didnt mention that in the listing he said something like "its a common problem on them"
it wasnt visible in the pic because he took it at a downward angle w/ the bolt pin blocking it.
also i bought a buzzard from him. it came missing the vasa that was pictured in the listing. instead it came w/ a bottomline kit. real nice on a vsc gun
also it autotriggered on its own w/ evry shot. not a hard fix the body just needed lined up correctly.
he told me he
d ship the vasa right away. a week later i tried a few days in a row w/ no responses.
then he said (on a sunday) that he dropped it off w/ his shipper that day.
then i filed a claim a couple days later and got my money back minus return shipping.
funny thing is the vasa never came.

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