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BigBalla23 Feedback

BigBalla23 and I had negotiated a deal for some guns of his for a gun of mine. Once the deal was finalized, I waited about a week for some kind of shipping confirmation. After 5-6 ignored pm's (he had been online to receive these pm's according to his profile), I finally called him out on the lack of communication to which he finally replied

"Holy crap man. I'm so sorry. I've had so much going on here lately, it's been unbelievable. I thought I messaged you back, but apparently I didn't. Long story short, here's what's up. I'm gonna have to back out on our deal man. I actually have a chance to play tournament ball again, and as bad as I hate to say it, I miss it. So I'm going to take that opportunity. I'm so sorry for the lack of correspondence, I'm sure that was aggravating. Man, I sincerely apologize. If you have paypal, I'll gladly gift you $20 or $30 for your troubles. Let me know if you want me to do that. I'm sorry again man. "

Mind you, I had expressly asked him if he was 100% on the deal, so that I could mark my gun as pending. He said he was, so I did. I said that backing out was a lame move, but that compensated me for my wasted time was manning up. Now, should he have actually compensated me, that would have been one thing, however, here it is, days later, and nothing. I have sent him multiple pm's in this time asking if he indeed intended on compensating me and if so, when I should receive it, and though those messages were in the last couple days, and his profile shows activity today, nothing.

I had not sent out anything on my part, so he didn't scam me per say, but the tendencies this individual displayed during our correspondence (flakiness/non-correspondence/backing out without even telling me), I felt should be noted in his feedback.
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Had a deal with user Bigballa23 for $130 for his phantom plus accesories. He didn't ship the 3.5oz tank nor the detent ring kit nor the bucket changer. Sent him 2 messages and no reply yet. I see him online.

I do have all the msgs as proof. I'm pretty upset .
Please keep and eye on him.
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Here a while
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I purchased an autococker from BigBalla23. He said that he would ship on multiple occasions but never did and cut off communications after the first week and a half. A month and a PayPal claim later i finally got my money back. This guy is bad news, do yourself a favor and avoid dealing with this him, I wish that I had.

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I worked out a trade deal for a phantom with him. He took a few weeks to ship with spotty communications at best and many claims of 'sending it out tomorrow'. Upon receipt he didn't send the freak kit as was listed, but at that point I was just happy to get the gun. Would not recommend any deals or trades with him in the future.
Dan's Feedback
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