Feedback Post your good experiences buying guns and gear here. Also let us know who to keep an eye on.

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Location: Illinois

Traded an X-valve to him for cash + some of the legendary brass inserts. One of the inserts was slightly dented (likely in transit) and he swapped it out for me ASAP. Thanks!
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Old 03-03-2013, 11:23 PM   #112 (permalink)
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Location: Portsmouth,VA

Had him make a few brass items for me
Turned out great and a great person to deal with

I'll be using his services again
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Old 03-19-2013, 09:08 PM   #113 (permalink)
Sanity Impaired
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Location: NW Central Wisconsin

Purchased a bunch of anime from me. Great communication and payment was fast! Thanks Ty!
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Old 03-24-2013, 03:08 AM   #114 (permalink)
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Location: cali

Had him do some barrel work for me. He cut down a lapco barrel and re-threaded the tip for lapco tips. tymcneer is a great guy to deal with. He is honest and was great with communication. Very satisfied with his work.

Thanks again
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Old 03-26-2013, 04:58 PM   #115 (permalink)
I'm Stock Classy!
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Location: Connecticut


I posted a request in the Custom Projects forum for some machinist help to redesign the AGD Micro CA II aluminum body. Ty PM'd me right away and said he was available to tackle the job. He sent an estimate and we went right to work on a plan. It took a couple of prototypes to get everything right, but Ty nailed it, and promptly finished off the production pieces.

Overall he was very accommodating and easy to work with. His prices were fair, he was quick to communicate. He shipped promptly in well-packaged boxes, and obviously takes great pride in his work. I couldn't be more happy with Ty's service and work ethic.


There were several times I needed to speak with Ty via the phone. I'd usually call around 10 in the morning and he would always pick up. The trouble is that I would always wake the guy up. I'm a night owl myself, but who the hell sleeps till 10 in the morning?! I'll tell you who... vampires. That's right. Vampires sleep during the day. Now usually I don't have a bias towards vampires or werewolves (some of my best friends are vampires), but I feel it's important to make the MCB community aware that Ty is probably either a vampire or werewolf.

I'm sorry to out you like this bro, but there are those here on MCB that have been traumatized by vampires and lycanthropes, and it's only fair that they know the truth.

So, if you're just looking for a top notch machinist who really cares about quality and the paintball community as a whole, then Ty is your man. er... vampire. However, if you have issues with mythological or folkloric beings who subsist by feeding on the life essence of humans, then you may want to steer clear of McNeer. Just sayin'.

Authorized CCI Dealer Specializing in Phantom Repairs and Upgrades
Serving the Greater Fairfield and New Haven County Area of CT only

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- Slim

One of the oldest teams in paintball with original members still playing - Tactical Assault Command

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Location: Saginaw, MI

Sold him some automag parts.
We worked out a deal for my remaining automag parts. He paid right away and let me know when they arrived.

This is what I like about MCB, legit people



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Ole' Papa Pump
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Location: Chardon, Ohio

I picked up 4 Brass Inserts from tymcneer, the transaction couldn't have been smoother. A real pleasure to do business with.

Started with a Splatmaster, moved onto a Nelspot 007, then came the Autocockers, then a STERLING Pump, next was a Bob Long defiant then a PM7. As of now I have 10 Sterling Pumps, 2 Phantoms for SC, a CCM SS-25, a PGP and a Sovereign 3.

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Brass and Wood Fan
Bought a brass insert. Very good product. It was worth the wait. Thanks
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made a trade with ty.same day shipping everything went very well thank you
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Fan of EMR
Brass and Wood Fan
Ty bored one of my Bushmaster barrels for inserts, and also sold me a couple brass inserts for them. Good communication, and even though the work took longer than expected he definitely went out of his way to make it worth my while and I am a very satisfied customer!

Now my Bushy shoots LAZER TITS!

Will definitely do business again

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