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Cpt.HeadShot Feedback

I would not do business with this person if I were you. Here is why:

I am a patient guy and have waited ~3-4 months for Cpt.HeadShot to redeem himself and he has failed miserably. I traded him a KP3, MP5 sliding stock for A5, and a springfeed for his M82A1 Tippmann 98c. Here is a link to the thread:

In his description he states that the marker is in good condition and has been maintained by certified techs, but the condition I received the marker in was extremely poor and it was missing quite a few things from the list of parts that were supposed to be included. The shroud was cut with a dremel (I can tell the difference) and had rust in pretty much every place you could see or that had been scratched. The internals of the marker were full of old paint and rusted, the ACT was broke and despite the 5 hours I put into cleaning it, it still leaks down the barrel when gassed up. So I was shipped a non-functioning marker.

He stated that the 98c was in LNIB condition when he shipped it and blames all the problems, condition, shipping delays, and missing parts on the customs agents at the border. He shipped DHL uninsured and failed to provide a tracking number as well as taking 6 weeks to get it here. I shipped the KP3, stock, and feed UPS insured and paid extra for this to make sure it got to him safe and sound.

In order to fix the deal and right himself, if you will, he agreed to trade back and I offered to let him keep the sliding stock since I get them at a discount and didn't really need it back. I did state that he would be shipping first considering it took him 6 weeks the first time and he agreed.

It has been almost 2 months and I have not seen my KP3. He stated that his friend shipped it from the states and it should have arrived already. Despite repeated requests for a tracking number, I have not received any further update on the package. Here is his last PM to me:

Originally Posted by noxx55
I will give it 2 more weeks since it took you a month and a half to ship the 98. After that I am leaving feedback and handling this. I am a patient person but my patience with you is drying up quickly.

Cpt.HeadShot Response:
Fine, You know what, ive been doing a hell of alot to get this resolved, Im overly stressed and in a bout of depression from A hell of alot of stuff going on right now, And right now im VERY ticked off, I just talked to the person whos adress it got shipped to, She said she shipped it out, Shes on her way to canada so i dont have the tracking number, she returns on monday, You will have it then. Im sorry if your losing patience from me, but frankly i believe that you have got it and are out to make me look like a scammer to cover your own *** so i dont say it about you.
I have literally perfect feedback and have done business with a lot of members on here and I have to say this is the worst thing that has happened to me yet. I do not recommend doing business with this person and I am still following through with further action regarding this transaction.
Wading through a mess, But I am moving forward...

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