Feedback Post your good experiences buying guns and gear here. Also let us know who to keep an eye on.

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Bought DSG - arrived cross Canada 4 days later. For various help and discussion I sent Dan 23 PM's over the next TWO days - and he responded to every single one within 10 minutes.

Truly amazing service (and product!). My confidence in him is %100

Really makes me want to not buy from the big retail stores any more.

Thanks Dukie!
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Always pays quickly, no issues doing 3rd party service for him.
Dealer for APP, CCI, Nelson, Leland, Valken, Tippmann, & Procaps.
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Willing to be a 3rd party for shipments to Canada anywhere in the world just PM me.
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Triggers for KP

Received my trigger groups today and they look great. Wouldint think twice about getting him to make other parts for me.
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Purchased DRV #1337. Awesome guy to do business with. Do not hesitate to buy anything from Dukie.
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when in doubt EBD
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bought radar chrono from me paid promptly and very easy to deal with. ill ship to canada for this man anytime
Extreme paintball east Austin, Texas great guys run this place and run it well. pm me if you want to meet there.
Hammer head barrels (great guys) and their barrels shoot great also.

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I do home lending in Texas. Need a house let me know if nothing else its free advice.
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Dukie is really good at receiving money. And shipping promptly. And actually listening to other people's ideas about his gun designs. Also good at actually making guns. Probably smells nice too.
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Bought another small-run gun from Dukie. Great communication, no dissappearing act, great responses to problems.
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oldschool play is about sportsmanship and respect, oldschool gear is available on Ebay.
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I have purchased both a DSG and DRV from Dukie.

He is at the top of list of airsmiths/dealers here on MCB.

Always great communication, constant updates, and quick responses to PMs.

Shipping is aways quick. As quick as it can get from Ontario, Canada, across the border and all the way across the US to Southern California.
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WTB List:

Any New Old Stock(NOS) sealed/brand new in box items.
Rare limited run items.

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Bought two DRV's from Dukie. Out of the box one had a leak caused by a dirty cup seal... but after watching his DRV maintenance and repair information videos, it took less than five minutes to fix.

Great service, great product, will do business again.
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I can't believe with all the awesome Dukie markers out there, that there are only 3 pages in this thread!

I am, and will forever be, a loyal "Dukie Machine" customer. I started by purchasing a 2nd run DSG. As with all Dukie builds, I paid half up front and the remainder + shipping upon completion. Dukie rarely let more than a few days go by without an update on where the build was at, and regularly provided pictures so everyone could follow along. As with any custom project there were a few delays but his communication was excellent and the final product arrived in all its majesty within a very reasonable time frame (especially compared to a lot of other "airsmiths" out there).

Later on, I got in (and then out... and then back in again) on the first run of DRV's. These were delayed a bit more than the DSG, which was completely understandable due to the amount of small parts and complexity. Again, updates were given frequently (even while he was "on vacation"!). Now, a lot of the DRV's from the first run had bugs to work out when they got to their owners, but Dukie had warned fairly that anyone on the first run would basically be a "beta tester" and that issues could, and most likely WOULD, arise. When they did, Dukie worked to find solutions and then manufactured AND shipped out "care packages" of new upgraded parts to solve the issues within 2 months.

Also- speaking to Dukie's seemingly inexhaustible patience for MCB-tards such as myself... In trying to take out the valve from my first DRV, I basically butchered it, AND the body. Don't ask... Anyway, I contacted Dukie who got back to me to try and help, and when he realized HOW bad I effed up, gave me a very reasonable price on a new body and valve.

On top of that, I bought a 2nd DRV used from BenoitOwn, who shipped it to Dukie for the upgrade parts to be installed, and Dukie then handled shipping it to me along with all of my replacement parts for my original DRV.

I would never, EVER have any problem with buying from Dukie again on his next big project, and with the level of service I have received as a customer of his, in addition to the quality and all-around awesomeness of his products, I would heartily recommend Dukie Machine to any interested parties.

I don't have enough thumbs to put up when it comes to Dukie Machine!

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