Feedback Post your good experiences buying guns and gear here. Also let us know who to keep an eye on.

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B-17 Feedback

I am posting yet another bad trader here on the forums. This trader has a similar story as the last person interested in my marker.

Again, basically we came to a written agreement with price and time. When that day came, again I was given the old, "My paycheck was less than I thought it would be, can you wait a week or two". Since I am a polite trader, and interest had tapered off, I decided to allow it only if he was willing to still purchase the marker. Once that passed, I got yet another "My paycheck was too small again". I knew where it was going, so I began listing my marker on other websites. Today, I received this:

After much debating with myself, I've decided that I probably won't be buying this. I've looked at an SMG-60 for a good while and I've found an SMG-60R with a siphon'd valve and 106 stripper clips...
I'll get back to you if I change my mind, but I feel bad that I'm wasting your time...
Go ahead and relist it, and I'll get back to you if I change my mind.

This is very irritating. This is the second trader on these forums who has been disrespectful the agreement, and instead of tell me weeks ago that they were not interested, they instead just went somewhere else. I am very disappointed, because this is the second time this has happened. (I had actually had a number of people who offered to purchase the marker, and once it got closer to the date for payment pulled out). After this, I have decided not to sell any more equipment on this site.

I would post PM's, but to be frank, I really don't care anymore.
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Well you have to understand $375's a lot of money, and I was interested, but I should've been more sure of my finances and had the money before I toss it around like a kid with a credit card.

It was my fault.

I do assure you that most of these guys on MCB are good people.
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B-17's feedback

Methinks those who have bartered with me should post feedback in this here thread!
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I traded a Mega-Z for his X-Box 360. Things went very smoothly. We used Nathan O'Dell from O'Dell's Paintball/ as a third party due to my lack of feedback. Nathan received everything in a timely manner with good communication along the way. Great transaction.
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I did a trade with B-17. Everything went smooth with no problems. Communication was good, he shipped in a timely manner. All in all it was a very good transaction. I would do business with him again.
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My Feedback

Stuff I want or need evenually
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bought some mosin pouches from him. everything went down great and they arrived quickly. would not hesitate to do business with again.

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I sold B-17 my friend's used PGP2k and parts. Great communication and quick payment. A stand up member of the community! Thanks!
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I sold him a 12 gram QC. Transaction was very smooth.
Quick payment, good coms. WILL deal with him again
Without hesitation.

Thank you J!

Bobby G.
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He bought an older PMI I pump off me. Paid fast, communicated well, and followed up quickly. Would deal with any time.
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I bought some Nightmares off of him. He explained ahead of time that they needed work. He shipped quickly and everything was as described. He forgot to ship the stock, but rectified that quickly and had the stock to me the next day. Both boxes shipped super fast and I was surprised by boxes on my porch. Wouldn't hesitate to work with him in the future. THANKS

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