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Trracer "Mag" Design

I was asked about this in a pm and figure its worth showing off a little. I need to break the actual gun out and take pictures of it attached but here is the concept. Its a side loader for the Empire Trracer.

Its made from plexi-glass, uses a Tiberius red FS Mag spring to push the white pusher. White pusher has a bolt through it so it can be slid back and then pushed up/down to lock it into place. (On my prototype you push it down, on the ones I had made for friends you push it up, which was an accident, along with the tolerances were not as good so the FS had too much play front/back and didn't feed right so there really is only one/two working models at this point.)

When broken open and pusher/spring locked in place you drop the FS rounds in one at a time on both sides. Holds 9 rounds.

You then close the hinged latch at the top to hold it in place. And start pumping away.

Every round must have pressure on it when it enters the breach or it will go in sideways so you HAVE to make sure you pull the bolt up/down to ensure spring pressure. Jammed quite a lot because of that. If the latch bolt is moved while loading, it will send FS rounds, the spring, and pusher flying into your face. Always yields in a few obscenities. I have this designed to be screwed onto the right side of the Traccer's plastic frame where the "FS READY BREACH" is. WTF that means. "FS READY BREACH" my ***. If it was "FS READY" they'd come out with a friggen professional version of this so I wouldn't have to make this abomination of a loader.

So yea, next time I think about it I'll get some pics of it attached to my gun. I really like the Trracer and wish they'd made a loader for it like this or a true mag system like the H7 has, as I feel it gets much better accuracy than anything else I shoot due to the round being seated in the barrel, like a cocker. No detents. It's quiet. It's light as hell. It's not super ergonomic though, which is a bit of a downer. End up sniping while doing a thumb over thumb grip because that's all you've got. Cant pull back on the pump and squeeze the trigger or else you'll double feed. But yea, its fun though. Just don't try and snap shoot out your right side. They'll see you coming.

Clear for your view, black plexi for theirs.

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Hey Scott! We met at Tactical's last day. I was the one with the keen interest in your magazine.

I'm thinking your rounds had a tendency to go in sideways because you're manually retracting the bolt back, which is much slower than say the bolt return of a semi. So the front of the round would have a tendency to start going into the breech first, and you wind up with a sideways round. Did you ever notice any difference if you slammed the pump back really quickly?

I mentioned I was thinking of a rotary design, and I started picking away at it. This is what it kind of looks like right now, designed for my automag:

Fs Loader by gz on Shapeways

5-shot capacity, but you can hand feed rounds into empty chambers through a gate in the back while the gun is still up and live. This more closely matches my play style.

I'm still trying to design the torsion spring and ratchet mechanism. Once I figure those out... off to the 3d printers.

Oh and I can't seem to find a machinist who wants my money.
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Hey, yea I remember you! That design seems pretty cool. A lot more complicated than the simple thing I got going here, but I bet it will be really reliable. And I like the loading from the back by hand. That's something I could see me doing. The bolt moving the rounds could be part of the issue. My prototype didn't chop or load wrong too often, just only when there wasn't pressure forcing the round down into the chamber. If it just falls in gravity feed style it always did wrong. The other mags I had made up just had too much play and it could have been the bolt moving back that messed with them. I pump the handle back and push the round in fast, which does seem to have an effect on reducing the miss-feeds so your probably right.

As for the machinist not wanting your money, tell me about it. I tried for the longest time to get a guy on here, a well known autococker machinist, to cut off the feedneck off my VF-Tactical autococker and make the hole FS shaped so I could make a version of this loader for my cocker. He had the gun almost a year, and when I finally said to heck with it send it back, it got "lost in the mail". Had to threaten small claims court to get a replacement, and that took another 3 months of back/forth. So I hear ya about having a hard time with finding a machinist. It should be such a simple thing to do...
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