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Chrono-ing First Strikes

Just curious how everybody goes about setting your velocity with First Strikes. Are there any tricks people use? i.e. Using regular rounds, but 20 fps slower? I just got a Hammer 7 and do not want to waste all the money shooting an entire magazine of First Strikes to get the correct velocity.
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Gotta pay to play.

To get an accurate number you should shoot the rounds you will be using. A tip I can recommend however, is shoot regular paint to get it where your field limit is, and adjust 1/4 turn and shoot again to see how much of a fps change it makes (chrono after dry fire)

Then switch to FS and if its shooting 300 and it should be 280 (and say 1/4 turn is 10fps) then if you do a half turn you should be pretty close. I chronod on FS that way and had it dialed in within 4 shots of FS.
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Shot into a hanging sheet. Most of the time, the FS will hit the sheet and drop to the ground unharmed and ready to be used again. Your difference between round balls and FS's will depend on how large your regular balls are. The larger you get generally the closer they will be. If using a .683 barrel though, I have found that it will crack the shell of the FS's just squeezing thru quite often so the sheet won't work as well.
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My personal experience in shooting FSRs through pumpguns is that as long as you can find paint that closely matches an FSR's diameter (.687-.688) both rounds will chrono within the same range of each other.

These days, unfortunately, paint that large is exceedingly rare.
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