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FS Ballistic Test - Shooting Space SOS

500 FS rounds? Check.
2 optical chronographs? Check.
Marker capable of firing FS rounds? Check.
1200 FPS camera and photographer? Check.
Industrial digital pressure gauge accurate to within 0.25%FS? Check.
Misc supporting equipment like tables, targets, and tarps? Check.
Controlled indoor environment for shooting? ........ ****.

M. Carter Brown is full of folks in technical professions so before I go and drop a couple hundred bucks on renting a warehouse or indoor shooting range, does anybody have a large indoor space in Florida they'd be willing to put up for the test? Warehouses, hangars, dilapidated winn-dixies, etc.

Edit: Or even south-east Georgia. I travel a lot so distances of up to 4-hours arent a super big deal.

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Contact one of the Army or Air Force bases in your area, all it takes is the commander to say yes and they will likely have buildings big enough. Im in WA so thats all the help I can provide. Good luck in finding a place and thank you for getting this going, many will be interested in the results.
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