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i go through phases of watching that show. in general its horribly boring, and i usually wind up stopping it after about 10-15 minutes. unfortunately though, it the only paintball show i know of, and somehow they manage to put up a lot of content on a weekly basis. the lowlight, for me, was definitely the time frame after the DAM came out, and their dye advertising consisted of showing a different way to set up a DAM every week. as in "this week, it has a red dot!". "this week, it has a foregrip!". "this week, i put a sling on it!".

i really have no dog in this fight, as i've never shot or been shot by a first strike round. however, i do feel that the episode last week came off as particularly immature. they have their followers, and seem to control the scene in their neck of the woods, so i'm sure they'll be fine. i was just a bit disappointed to see how they carried on. regardless of what i think about the quality of the show week-to-week, i always thought that it was born of a love of paintball and paintball players, in all of their forms. First strike users are part of that, in my opinion.
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Some Intel.

I had some interesting discussions with Eric from Tiberius and the ASTM subcommittee chairman (08.24 for paintball) Mike Lukas. Some of you may know this already, but for those that don't....ASTM standards are usually behind the times when it comes to new technology and First Strikes are no different. The problem is that ASTM standard F1979 defines a paintball as a spherical round. Until that changes, First Strikes aren't considered "up to the standard" even if all the other physical properties are the same as a round paintball. ASTM as an entity doesn't do testing and they don't qualify products. The members of the subcommittee make changes to the standards based on their experience and their test data. The members can be (and are) manufacturers or users of the products. They meet twice a year to discuss and propose changes to standards. The good news is that Standard F1979 is up for renewal next year which forces action to be taken on the standard. Mike assured me that shaped projectiles will be discussed as a part of this standard revision. Tiberius and others have plenty of test data to provide the committee with the information they need to move forward with these changes. First strikes are not going anywhere.
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