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No this is nothing but the interaction of your sight and the relative poi. Unless the barrel could change the BC it wont make a difference. All the barrel would do is tighten your group at that poi
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Barrels can in fact influence the ballistic coefficient. Ballistic theory says that stability (or instability) plays a role in a BC. So the higher stability of FS rounds fired from rifled barrels likely means that they have a higher BC than those from smoothbores. A while back, Carmatech ran some dual chrono tests on rifled and non-rifled barrels that did show a jump between the two.

In the end their final numbers werent in agreement with the previous work done on FS drag, so we dont have a hard BC for rifled barrels yet, but it at least supports the existence of the jump. If everything goes well (for once), I'll have more data on the subject the week after next.

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In that case i suppose it could work. Looking forward to your results
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At 10 yards and 270fps, the third click is my zero. Tib riser and 4x scope. The on-scope adjustments just will not go any further down. That's ok though, for now.

I have Decay of Nations coming up, so I will be using the Hammer7 as much as I can. Really looking forward to that part of it. There are several people in my group that will be shooting FS and we have already picked a few spots where we want to get our trigger time in.

If the mail would ever get here, I should have a tool coming in that would allow me to finish what I need to get a 2.2x lens on my Replay so I can see (later) how bad my aim is.
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