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Finnigan 02-07-2011 09:02 AM

Slow and steady diet and exercise. (No "S")
I hope I don't bore everyone with this, but it is something I wanted to share. Skip to the end if you don't want to waste time reading my nonsense.

Okay, I'll start of by saying I'm not fit. I'm 40 and overweight. I have high cholestorol and high blood pressure. I have looked around the internet at many different diet ideas to try and find one that easily fits my lifestyle. I tried Weight Watchers for a bit and it worked in the beginning, but it cost money I didn't have and I didn't stick with it. I HATE counting calories or calculating points.

I have 2 kids (6 and 8) who demand time from me, and have activities they need to attend (be escorted to.)
I work 9 hours a day, and commute a total of 3 hours a day.
I have not been able to make time (or payments) to go to a gym for X time a day.
We live in a small apartment (no room for weights and such.)

I could list more obsticles, and some would say they are all just excuses anyway; but they are MY excuses, and I like them.

I'm also not aiming to look great in a thong by Summer. I'm aiming for being alive to meet my grandkids.

Now, I will say I managed to find a diet plan that works with my lifestyle and has helped me shed some weight (prior to the Holidays. It would have worked then too if I stuck to it.) It is absolutely free (They do sell a book if you want paper, but all the info is on the website for free). I found an exercise routine in the same place that works as well, but my wife and I have been lazy about that of late.

I DON'T have quantifiable results for you other than following the diet plan made me more comfortable in my own skin and in my clothes.

The website to go to to read all about it is Everyday Systems: Everyday Systems: Systematic Moderation for sustainable good habits

The diet is called 'The No "S' Diet."
In short it boils down to this:
"No snacks, no sweets. no seconds; except sometimes on days that start with an 'S.'"
"S" days = Saturdays, Sundays, and Special Days (Holiday, Birthday, Solstice, etc.)

The "Exercise program" is called "Shovelglove." It's not a very descriptive name. The basic idea is to use a sledge hammer (with the head protected) to simulate real work activities like shoveling, chopping wood, rowing a boat, etc.

Ultimately the whole idea boils down to "Eat less, move more" but I think this guy, who is NOT a health guru by the way, is on to something as far as creating "good habits" is concerned.

I have not been a steadfast practitioner, though I would like to be. I have seen results when I was on the wagon.

Other than trying to get back on the wagon above, I would like to find time to start practicing Tai Chi again.

I hope the above info helps someone.

TLDR: Check out Everyday Systems: Systematic Moderation for sustainable good habits

What do you guys think?

Robertsr 02-07-2011 09:25 AM

Check out Solitary Fitness. It was written by a really facinating guy who happens to spend all his time in a small cell and still manages to be in fantastic shape. Solitary Fitness (9781844543090): Charlie Bronson: Books

It's a "you don't need weights to get healthy" kind of book.

Gorr 02-07-2011 04:54 PM

3 hrs commute?
round trip or one way?
why not move closer to work? you don't get paid for the 3 hrs you drive so try not to....
I'm 20min from work on the bus 30 min by bike
saves huge amount of time and headaches
in a year that's one month plus of just driving for nothing, not including the gas and wear and tear on your vehicle and your

Finnigan 02-08-2011 08:10 AM

Thanks Rob, I'll put that book on my list.

Gorr, I'm working on doing something about that. There are a number of considerations that go along with that move though. For example, housing in the area I work in tends to be either very expensive, or rather run down. I also have to consider the quality of the schools my kids would be zoned for. We need to find a good compromise between affordability, safety, proximity to employment and quality of the neighborhood.

I also need to eliminate my debt and build up funds for the purchase of a house. We are actively working on this.

PS. it's 3 hours round trip.

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