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I lost 28 pounds last time we did this, and the timing couldn't be better since I start my new position at work next week and its a transition period where I can build new routines.

Male, 33, 296
(I'll update as needed with more detail Monday when we start)

Ultimate goal is <240, so I have a ways to go, but the new job is the first stable and predictable situation I've had in over 7 years, so now's the time and this is a great way to get started.

Thanks for doing this Carter!

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I may get in on this. I need to get into better shape, like I was last summer. But my knees are killing me anymore.

Male/ 6'2"/ 32/ 219.4

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I'm game.


5'8, 24 years old, 240 lbs flat.

I'm actually in pretty excellent shape but I have some REALLY tough weight to shake. I eat decent and exercise a good bit. Here's to hoping!

This database here is an excellent source of weight training for all levels. Look around based on what you need. Check a dozen or more

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Lols you skinny little girls.

Age 23
Height 6'3"
Weight 460. (awful i know)

Goal. Some headway into the "new me"
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Ok, I'm in.


Age: 37

Height: 6 ft

Weight: 380 lbs

This will help me with get into a system.... I have always had bad eating habits.
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I am In

I will try and do this

Will get my weight and post soon

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Let's rock this joint

23 years of age
waist size 40

I was down to 205 at the beginning of the year, but I stopped working out and gained it all back and then some. I've been looking for something to motivate me into losing it again. I think it'll help I don't fit into most of my jeans anymore.

Feedback: AO, The Nation, and here
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Fan of EMR


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I'll put in my 2cents. Jiu Jitsu, Volleyball, Basketball, and paintball have helped me stay in shape.
I only do calisthenics now, but I used to do heavy lifting.

Obviously, if you're looking to lose weight opposed to losing "fat weight", heavy lifting won't help you. Heavy lifting builds muscle, while you lose fat. You may stay the same weight or even increase. Muscle is 3x (IIRC?) as dense as fat.

Here's a big part of my calisthenics workout: Kettle Bell Swings and Burpies.
This REALLY gets your heart going.

This may or may not be helpful to some of you, but here's me cheering everyone on a little

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That's mine, it's mainly Muscle
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