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Originally Posted by SlvrDragon50 View Post
No. There is plenty of information out there stating you should at bare minimum be getting half your body weight in protein. Your body weight is a good amount of protein to start bulking quickly.

This has to do more with muscle growth than recovery.
The OP asked about a recovery drink, not about daily protein intake.
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It's MCB. We go off topic all the time :|
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Originally Posted by SlvrDragon50 View Post
It's MCB. We go off topic all the time :|
So, on the topic of autocockers...Finally got my Lotus solenoid to stop leaking .

There's no use arguing about it, opinions are opinions even if they're misguided. Check out HodgeTwins on YouTube, I generally find them to be entertaining and from I've seen very informative.
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Originally Posted by Dave Cameron View Post
The OP asked about a recovery drink, not about daily protein intake.
Ok, if you want to argue postWO drink, I take in 50g of protein after I lift which is pretty common. That means whey costs less then $0.75, while choco milk costs about $1.50. Whey has 250cals, while choco milk has 1200cals. That is half of the daily calories ofr most people, I wouldn't want to replace half my diet with milk, especially if it is only going to provide me with 50g of protein. Milk is NOT cheaper than protein powder.
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Originally Posted by CJOttawa View Post
I was about to say, "ever try to eat a pound of chicken at a sitting?" LOL You'll gag. XD

As my Crossfit coaches pointed out to me a few days ago, if you're training and eating to bulk up, you'll feel like you're stuffing your face with meat constantly. They also pointed out that "a pound of lean beef" isn't "a pound of protein" - the ratio is about 5:1.

Protein shakes between meals are a good way to get the protein count up. I'm not hardcore by any means but I've added a morning and afternoon shake. (Hexapro or ISO-100 these days)

Breakfast for me: easy bake omelette. Here's my lazy-man's instructions for that, all in a cast iron skillet:
  • Cook 500g/18oz (a pack) of bacon (or sub in other meat - sausage, whatevs)
  • Dice and cook 4 medium onions (diced yam or green peppers work too, onions work best, IMO)
  • Season to taste (I use fresh cilantro, chives & a couple tbsps of smoked paprika)
  • Add a DOZEN large, whipped eggs to the above, stir gently.
  • Pop the whole thing in the oven at 350F for about 20-30 minutes. (Poke with knife to check doneness)
  • Let cool, slice six ways, put each in a small Tupperware container. Grab one and go each morning.
Voila! NO WORK, high protein, filling. $1-1.50 per serving so it's a cheap way to have breakfasts for the whole week. If you feel the need to add more protein to that, find an unflavored protein powder and add a few scoops to the eggs while whipping them.
I made this last night. 8 eggs, 7 strips of bacon, 1 larger sweet onion and a half a green pepper. Turned out REALLY good even though it took me way to long to make. Had a long weekend in Vegas, so I'll blame it on the lack of a good night's rest in a few days.

Brought the first section in for breakfast and it was awesome. Wasn't even really hungry for lunch, I mentally had to think "I should eat now". That was an hour after I normally eat lunch. I had tried to bring in two hard boiled eggs a day several weeks ago and that was alost a chore. Nuked this meal, topped with some salsa (after trying without first) and am looking forward to tomorrow morning.
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Originally Posted by Mar View Post
I really like the picture posts, because I don't understand most of the word posts.
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