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I probably haven't ate before working out in over two years. I feel much better lifting without food, usually don't eat for 8+ hrs before going to the gym.
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I hate eating right after a workout and I'm not a breakfast person. Basic about killed me.
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i cant go on an empty stomach, i feel awful after

usually i eat something light, like cup of chocolate almond milk with a couple spoons of almond butter, or a small bowl of frosted mini wheats, just to have SOMETHING in my stomach, then ill usually have a protien shake of some type when i get home.

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You definitely want to eat post-workout; pretty much all the experts indicate that you should consume protein and a rapidly absorbable carbohydrate after exercise to refuel and build muscles. Chocolate milk, chicken with rice, oatmeal with protein powder, snickers and a steak, etc.

Makes sense when you think about it; you've just burned a bunch of calories and created micro-tears in you muscle fibers, and need nutrients to rebuild.
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Preworkout meals are necessary for the body. The pre-workout meal will help you get the most out of your workouts. Your pre-workout meal serves the purpose of fueling your workout and bringing up blood glucose levels for added energy. Your goal is to have the best work out you possibly can. Carbohydrates provide your body the required energy. And proteins help your body to recover. To repair muscle damage, your body needs protein, which is made up of amino acids, the building blocks for your muscles. An adequate supply of protein will help your muscles recover from workout stress, especially if you engage in weight-bearing exercise. Many people try to limit the amount of fat in their diet, but cutting it out completely can actually hinder athletic performance. Fat provides fuel for the body which is extremely important for the workouts. And these intakes should not be taken just before the workouts. But sometimes it is just not possible for us to give so much time. Hence we require preworkout supplements. The best workout supplement that I have tried is USP labs Jack3d supplements, it helps me to provide the energy that my body requires during the workout sessions.
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I was using C4...great taste gives you that Tingly sinsation in your face but that all it really did. I now started using Black Powder...taste like crap but Ive noticed more (lack of a better word) muscle stamina. Like I can add more weight to without the feeling of fatigue. Like it except for the taste.
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Chewing C4 will make you nauseated. This is from a chemical they put in their to keep people from chewing it. Like Marines.
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I'll need to give C4 a try, had stopped my preworkout for a bit since I ran out and bought another container of adreaNOlyn. The first container was awesome, this container not so much, even though it's the same thing, just a different flavor.

How about a little meth instead.

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