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My family doctor said it boils down to eat less move more. If you are going to snack find a healthy option.
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I must have missed that memo

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I was up to 285 lbs and got down to 181 at my lowest. I did it all through diet and portion control. I was always overweight my whole life and one day I didn't fit into my fattest pants and I told my wife I had enough and I needed to change.

I was eating everything and anything and drinking diet soda and other sugary substitute drinks all day everyday. I was probably drinking at least a 2l bottle of soda and a few coffees with splenda. I was completely addicted to sugar and no matter how much I tried I couldn't kick it on my own. I had tried every "diet" plan on the planet and nothing stuck or lasted.

I opted to get hypnotized to help with my eating. They stress that it all comes down to a lifestyle change, no sugars, carbs, fake sugar. I ate meat and vegetables only. I takes about 2 weeks for your body to detox from the sugar and you kind of go through withdrawl. I felt weak, tired, and crappy for about a week and a half. After that I felt great and had way more energy than ever before.

It worked for about 8 months until I started to "cheat" my lifestyle. It started at once a week but then it was twice, 3 times, etc. I ended up going back up to about 220lbs. I went back to get hypnotized to get myself back on track and went back to about 185lbs. I was back into the rut of eating like crap until this week. I once again am up to about 220lbs and am back on the lifestyle and detoxing. I'm going attempt to do it without being hypnotized again and have been doing breathing exercises to help get my mind straight and on the correct path.

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I highly recommend Fat Loss Happens on Monday by Josh Hillis and Dan John($9.99 on kindle). Reasonable diet(lifestyle changes) and programming. I used it to help a friend lose about 35-40 pounds in one semester. But as the book says food is 90% of the battle.

If you do go this route I put several months of the exercise programming into an excel file I could send you.
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I run a personal training company and meet hundreds of people who need and want to lose weight who have tried every diet, cleanse, weight watchers, fad out there and it never works. I'll save all the science for time saving purposes and just make it very simple.

Do NOT try losing weight by cutting calories and eating less. Your food is FUEL for you body and giving your body less fuel is not a long term fix. Learn nutrition and how much protein carbs and fats your body needs daily. EAT THAT.

Do NOT try and lose weight be doing just CARDIO. Cardio is important but CARDIO is only getting your heart rate to a certain range and keeping it there over a period of time. 99% of people who need to lose the most amount of weight diet and cardio and roller coaster with their weight and never end up changing because it is low intensity no matter how intense they think they are doing. Low intensity cardio burns more muscle than fat. Example: Marathon runner is skin and bone. Ever see a bodybuilder or fitness competitor running outside or on a treadmill? NO! and they are in the best shape with little fat on their bodies.

REASON: Plain and simple - Muscle = Metabolism. Add muscle with weight training and your body will speed up and burn inactive calories for energy while your body is at rest 98% of your time. Lose muscle with diet and cardio and you may lose "weight" quicker and the scale goes down.. but your body fat will eventually increase and slow your metabolism down making it harder for you to keep fat off in the future. Would you rather starve yourself and HAVE to run on a treadmill every day to keep it off.. or train your body to do it for you and it's actually easier to stay in shape, the better shape you get in.

hope that helped

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^^^This is spot on! Try to find a used bench, and weight set on Craig's List, or hit the weights at your local gym. The price may seem steep, but it's worth it at the end. As for motivation, YOU CAN DO IT!!!!
Hit the weights some way some how, and check back in with us in three weeks. Best of luck to you sir
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I am not interested in 'just' cardio btw, I want to build muscle, but I'm never gonna look anything like the dude in the picture above... although he is from my Country

So... FINALLY..... after couple days of having a fever, a pounding headache - the headache gave in enough... so, I decided on a 90 degree weather day to take the bike out for a short ride. Ended up being 5 miles. It could have been more, but I was already coughing halfway around thanks to the sickness.

Not too bad, although the bike is actually not long enough for me as it turns out (it feels too twitchy at speed), and the gearing is not enough (I run out of gears on a straight or downhill too early (yes I pedal downhill). At this point, even though I've spent money on it getting it a little fixed up, I think I'll donate it back to goodwill and buy myself a 700cc bike... OR alternatively... get my parents to kindly ship my Scott Sportster P3 700cc from the UK, but that prob will be rather expensive.

I just had to get out this weekend and do something, with the illness I am feeling really old, and look terrible. Need to get my fitness level back up, the wasteline down, and build some muscle. Unfortunately I am not really into Gym's they tend to bore me.
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I recently had a similar problem. My weight in the Marines was 183-185, which I think was a little light for my frame. Between 190-195 is probably ideal.

I recently got up to 228 from sheer laziness and lots of eating. For some health reasons, I needed to make a change, and decided to start with diet.

In 1 month I have lost almost 20 lbs. without any significant exercise (30-45 min. dog walks 4-5 times per week, but nothing compared to what I used to do). I did it by reducing alcohol (obvious) and counting carbs.

I started paying attention to servings, particularly carb servings (15 grams). If you do a little research, it's shocking how small what you are supposed to eat is compared to what you typically make or order.

I will still indulge and eat things that aren't that good for me, but I do it in extreme moderation. Had a beer with dinner, that counts as two carb servings, so I make sure my afternoon snack was carb free.

By keeping my total carb. servings to 4 or so per meal, and keeping my snacks 1 servings or less, I have lost weight, and it feels relatively sustainable. It's also fairly easy to approximate, so it's easier to figure out on the fly, especially when eating outside the house, whether at a restaurant or someone else's house.

PS - if you aren't into gyms, check out Onnit. They have a bunch of functional fitness products, like battle ropes, maces, etc. They are pretty easy to set up a home gym with, and relatively easy and cheap to substitute with ever day items. They also have a ton of workouts with said items.

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Originally Posted by CJOttawa View Post
"You get thin in the kitchen, strong in the gym." - Col. Chris Hadfield

I'd add: it starts at the grocery store, and with a frank discussion between you and everyone you live with. You can't exercise your way out of an eating problem.
This. I've lost 40lbs in the last 3 months by changing only my diet, wife about half that, but women just tend to lose weight slower due to hormones. Only get to play paintball about twice a month. And I want to stress that I'm not starving myself. I actually feel less hungry, less often than I did before, which is why this is working. If I were hungry, I couldn't stick to it.

I started a ketogenic lifestyle change with my wife with the assistance of a nutritionist and life coach. She was the one motivated to start the program, and I joined to support her. Nutritionist for the science and facts, life coach for the emotional support and growth. We meet as a group twice a month.

Google ketogenic yourself, but the jist is high-fat, medium-protein, low-carb/sugar. Once you know what you're looking for in food, its ****ing disgusting how much sugar is hidden in all the foods we eat.
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So, how is it?

My wife had to start a diet because her knees got arthritic. I finally get to eat more reasonably at dinner time, which was keeping me from loosing weight.
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I've dropped almost 90 lbs this year alone, at a rate of about 2-3 lbs per week. Started at 357.2, hit 269.2 this morning. Going for 100 by the end of year, which I should surpass easily. 150 or so is my long term goal.

Calories in < calories out.

Subbed out the foods I eat the most with zero calorie versions, increased fruit/veggie/grain intake, cut my sodium down, increased my water intake, keep my other macros even, take a daily multivitamin, try and keep my meal times consistent, and try and do about a half hour of cardio a day, including walking to and from work. Haven't had a soda in 6 months.

I've found that diet, exercise, accountability, discipline, and commitment are probably the five most important pillars to focus on, and mastery over them in terms of dieting will inevitably seep into other parts of your life (work, money, etc)

Once I get down to the lower 200s I'll start putting a lifting plan together to take advantage of some of the bulk. No point in cutting down to 170-180 and then having to bulk up again to put on muscle.

Keep it up, everyone. Good work all around.
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