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good for you! I remember when I took Karate, looking at the 'old' people and wondering why they weren't I couldn't land a proper step-up sidekick over your knee now...

keep it up!
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Cool stuff, anything that can help motivate you to get in shape in a safe and productive fashion is always good. I took BJJ for a while during the summers when I was a college student. I hope to eventually take lessons again when I have the time, money, etc.
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I grew up doing different marital arts. Started with taekwondo, then moved to kick boxing. After kick boxing I did bujinkan budo taijutso. When I moved to another city I found Systema. I joined the military, did some more taijutso and systema. After I got out of the military I didn't have the money to do martial arts. Now I live in a small town where we mostly have mcdojo's(dojos that just give out belts). We have a Krav Maga studio, but the owner reminds me too much of Rex from Rexkwondo in the movie Napoleon Dynamite.
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