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Shattered my the ends of my tibia and fibia in my right leg in a go ped accident when I was 24. Screwed the cartilage up and popped the acl as well.

No surgeries and was told I'd need a knee replacement by 35 or 40.

Just turned 40 in July and I'm still hanging in there.

I watch the running closely ( fused ankle in the opposite leg, ha ha..) I've been told when I move fast, I look like a drunken lil forest gump..
I did give up snowboarding and mountain biking , but i still live a great active life.
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Originally Posted by scribbleheli View Post
He developed a new method to repair it that involves using your Hamstring instead of drilling in a ligament from a cadaver. Its orthoscopic, so very small incisions. Cuts recovery time by a huge margin, I was able to walk (heavily braced leg) an hour after waking up from surgery.
I won't be going the cadaver route. Hamstring was one of the option my Dr mentioned, other was using a piece of the patella ligament. I haven't researched the two yet to decide which to do.

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If you're going to get surgery, you might as well get it sooner rather than later. No point in waiting.

You're in your mid-30's, you going to start slowing down whether you want to or not. The knee injury is a set back for sure, but how well you come back from it depends on how much work you put into PT and strengthening it.

I've gotten both patella tendon and donor grafts. The donor graft was a lot easier and faster to recover from.
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