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Need some advice oh wise ones

So I'm athlete. Been going thru some stuff And I have not been getting hungry so I have been eating less like sub 800 calories a day on average I burn 1500ish due to school,track, late night running, and lifting.this has been going for almost 2 months. know I am not getting the proper nutrition I need to build muscle/ just be healthy in general. I am acollege student so are there any cheap fast (have 18 units) nutritious meals you would recomend or supplements ? Or other tips in general thanks
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Having run division one track myself while doing a full course load I highly encourage you to see your coach and bring this up. Its more of a health concern than you think, I would recommend going to the doctor as well. When I was running I was in the 2500-3200 calories a day. And I am only about 6' 165lbs, and a sprinter.
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Talk to your Coach, school/team Physical Trainer, and your doctor first and foremost. They know you better than we do and can give accurate personalized advice and plans.
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Eat some dam food! Or make some protien shakes... you can load thosr with calories easy.
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You should definitely go see a doctor.
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Firstly, I agree with everyone above that says you need to see a doctor and talk to your coaches/trainer if you haven't done those things already.

Secondly, if you have already addressed your health concerns and need a non-big brother answer - buy a vitamix and get blending. Breakfast can be fruit, yogurt, cereal and juice literally just blended up. Dinner can be veggies, potato, meat and gravy blended up.

I've done it. Sometimes it's beyond gross... but sometimes it's like you're living in the future and you've unlocked the secrets to healthy eating. Those are the recipies you keep.

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Make sure your weight matches what's appropriate for an adult your height

Eat beans and rice until you crave other natural foods and then eat whatever you see in the grocery store or restaurant or whatever that looks good and is healthy and natural

Fats are OK especially saturated fats believe it or not, if they are from natural sources

If your bones become weak or your organs are not working so well (eyes, reproductive, skin, etc) look up on Google what foods are good for those organs. Don't be surprised if occasionally you find yourself buying frozen berries (raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, etc.) because those are good for hitting all the neglected areas of your body and health. Maybe so-called "fatty fish" also, but where to get that in the diet? My income doesn't allow me to get those exotic foods all the time but if my health is not up to par I will go out and make the sacrifice so that I can maintain my health

Don't lose so much weight that your bones become brittle. Imagine being so thin and weak that you bite into a chicken wing and the chicken bone cracks your tooth. Don't get to that point ever

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