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How do you do it?

I have always been large. Trying to become a smaller larfe. At one point I was up to 299.9. Call it 300. Starting working out every day. Eating better. Dropped an honest 40+ lbs. Ended up putting 9 lbs back on and having trouble finding that drive. Granted, winter is always difficult with a one hour each way commute and 12+ hour days. But even on regular days I have trouble sliping into that zone where I find I work best. Trying a combination of weights and cardio (treadmill/eliptical).
How do you keep the fire burning?

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The wife does best when she has a workout partner that will give he a hard time about not doing it. You hold each other accountable for showing up and odds are on any one given day at least one of you will not want to be the one that cancels.

Setting goals and rewards has worked well for several people that I have known as well.

I've had the problem that I can't gain weight much more often than any need to loose it. But when I have been feeling out of shape I look at the fun activities that I do and try to convince myself that they would be easier/more fun if I were in better shape to do them. That makes having more fun my goal and my reward at the end.
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I have a cute redhead baker thay will ship me anything I want if I reach goals. Even that is iffy for motivation

Support your local fields. The game you save may be your own.

"No matter how cynical you become, it's never enough to keep up." ~ Lily Tomlin
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I've always baited myself with a "I'll go light this time", but I almost always get going and have to stop myself from burning out completely. I've met several people that do nothing other than walk a few miles every day. Everything says it counts significantly. I try to throw in a walk with my wife (usually to go eat ), but low intensity workouts are very difficult for me to dedicate my time. I'd rather be good and aching all over for a day or two than walk for two days. Some days, that pushes me into the gym by myself. "You could walk" usually turns into getting some real work done.

Some day I will have to learn alternating muscle groups and moderation. Maybe when I retire.

Actually, I also go to the gym to escape work. One monkey followed me to the company gym once. I was spending more time thinking about using him for practice than whatever he was talking about.
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I think you have the same problem I did. Lack of sleep.

Focus on sleep -> Less stress -> Less cortisol -> Less stress eating -> hormones balance out -> Testosterone levels rise -> Motivation to do anything rises

Bonus points if you do other things to help raise your testosterone IE boxers with dangle room and airflow, multivitamins with zinc, eat the right foods, take a natural testosterone booster, jack off less.
And squats, deadlifts, and bench also boost testosterone IIRC.

I used to be like Spider! and workout hard 2 hours minimum 3 times a week, but I started working two jobs 6am to 11pm and became a vegetable.
I quit the first job and now use the company gym, which is very limited because no barbells only smith machine.
I'll be back to my prime(performance wise not weight) by summer as long as I go straight to sleep after my classes and do all my homework inbetween work and school.
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For psychological motivation, my wife and I have had a contest for the last two years. My wife and I weigh in on the first of each month. You win the month if you lose more in that month. First person to win three months, wins the contest. If you win the first month by 15 pounds and lose the three months by 1 pound, you still lose!
Last year, we allowed the winner to choose a family vacation with a $2k budget. This year we are betting $500 of hobby money. That is big money for us, and it makes for a fun rivalry.
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You have the wrong primary focus. Right now your primary focus is working out, or at least finding the motivation to do so consistently.

Your primary focus should always be your DIET, especially with your work schedule. Anyone gone for 10-14 hours a day isn't going to come home with much energy left to workout. Ask any trainer, or competitor, and they'll tell you DIET is 75-85% of the fitness equation, TRAINING is the much smaller, but far more glamorous, remainder.

You might only be able to workout 1-2 times a week, but you can eat well EVERY day if you actually make the effort. I can't cook for crap, but I can use a crock pot and fix a big thing of chicken every week for me to make work lunches out of, or my suppers. I can pack veggies, or bring steamable bags to work. Spinach is relatively cheap for salads. Eggs are cheap as dirt, as are some fruits like bananas. No soda or juice or other crap, unless in strict moderation. This is very doable if you just start.

I also got into 'periodic fasting'. Basically I quit eating at 9-10pm at night, then don't eat again untill lunch the next day around 1pm. Your basically cutting out all the calories and fat people pack on every morning eating garbage from McDonalds, and snacks before lunch every day. After a couple weeks of this, weight was FLYING off, and I was only working out 2-3 times a week. Now I just maintain were Im at, and I 'cheat' with a breakfast on Saturdays. Again, this IS doable, and I consider myself a food-junkie! The results will help keep you motivated when your hearts not in it. Diet is key.
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Well I joined a gym called Orange Theory Fitness. If you don't cancel with at least 8 hours notice before class they charge you $12.00. So that's my incentive. Often times when my alarm goes off at 5:00am, I think what am I doing! I just suck it up, fire up and head to the gym. I go early to get it over with because after working all day there is no way I'm going after working all day.
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I like to gamble. If you do to well, this might just give you the incentive you need, lol

After some research, it looks like they pay you from the people that lose their bets. Genius imho. They earn interest the whole time.
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