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It sucks to have to battle diabetes, but type 2 seems like the lesser of two evils.

I'm honestly super curious how your diabetic health specialist is approaching diet.

All the talk of swimming but no pool reminds me of this other thing.

And this song.
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It may sound a bit extreme, but definitely switch to a Keto style diet. Just veggies, and meat with limited dairy. (consult your doctor first of course)

Take up yoga, I really recommend these guys. I also tried them myself before joining the army and they were great.

For work outs, definitely hit core and upper body. Work your legs out slowly as you feel capable. And try and find a local park with pull up bars and benches. One work out I can write up for you is this:

1 mile warm up walk, jog or run (whichever feels more comfortable)
The following is all 1 set: repeat 5 times
- 15 push ups
- 20 sit ups (do crunches if you can't hit the full sit up, but push yourself)
- 1-3 pull ups (all the way up with your chin passed the bar, and all the way down to where your arms are at a straight hang)
- try doing 10 air squats (optional based on your pain)
- 10 Russian twists
- 10 dips (if there are no dip bars, look for a bench.)
- 10 leg raisers (keeping both feet together, lift them about 12 inches off the ground slowly and lower slowly, keeping both hands under the small of your back or by your sides) (keep both legs elevated roughly 6 inches above the ground at all times)
- 10 lunges (5 on each leg - do it if you can, pain wise)
- 1 min front plant
- 1 min left side plank
- 1 min right side plant
- 10 scissor kicks (5 on each leg) (lift each leg about 12 inches off the ground slowly and lower slowly, keeping both hands under the small of your back or by your sides) Lift one leg and then lower it slowly, before lifting the other. And be sure to keep your legs raised 6 inches above the ground
- 1 min rest and then repeat

I don't know what your strength is at now, but this would be to just get you going. Increase reps as you start getting more comfortable. And with regard to say pull ups, even if you can do 1 initially, that's good. Just don't get discouraged and build upon that slowly each day or week. I hope it helps brother and I am praying for your recovery.

If you’d like more work outs, let me know and I can write up some more for you.
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