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How do you stay in shape?

Been thinking a lot lately about how long I have let myself go without any serious workouts, and during my shift tonight I said to myself "screw the excuses, i am tired of gaining weight and feeling like garbage at the beginning of each day."
So instead of my normal going home at 3 AM and playing video games while draining glasses of scotch, I went for a little jog. Nothing crazy, just a four mile straight path on a country road.
I feel like crap, but I also feel better than I have for months.
I thought I would ask what you guys do to try to stay in shape.

Kudos to anyone who has kids, works mad hours, works nights/weekends and still manages to try to stay in shape.
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I recently picked up a stationary rowing machine. Fits easily in my basement and it’s pretty convenient to knock out a quick workout before and after work each day.

Back in college I used to be big on using a gym membership on a regular basis, now I try and stick more to activities I really enjoy - road biking in the warm months and downhill skiing in the winter months.
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Been trying to go hunting as much as possible the past few months. Activity level varies from a 200 yard walk with gear to a duck blind to 10 mile hike through brush. Lost 40lbs without noticing basically since I'm motivated to push myself harder than any time on my stationary bike or Bowflex. Still use the machines if getting in the field regularly isn't an option.
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I'm one of those lucky ones that, A) works for a company that promotes that sort of things and B) has a gym at the building that I work in. That being said for it's probably 5-6 times a week.

It also helps that they gave employees free membership to the gyms on our main campus, that and now my girlfriend has gotten back into swimming.

I would say the hardest thing about making this sort of change is making it a habit, it's something you have to stick with whether you want to or not. Something that could help is finding a 24 hour gym on your way home. Make it a habit to stop by after (or before) work. Or find a buddy to go with, not only will it help you stay motivated but it'll also drive you to push your limits with another person working along side of you.

Because i can tell you it gets infinitely harder (for me at least) to go back out once you get home and your playstation starts calling.
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I think the mindset that the workouts you don't want to do are the most important ones to do helps a lot. Its easy to go and get yourself to the gym when you're well rested and feeling great. Forcing yourself to go when you're already tired/sore/busy/any other excuse you want to use is how you make it into a habit.

20 push ups/situps/squats and a minute of wall-sits takes less than 5 minutes, and is better than doing nothing at all. Skipping out because you cant get a full workout in is a slippery slope.
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As someone who's in the process of trying to get into better shape, aside from physical activity, make sure you don't neglect what you're eating. If it's weight loss you're going for, what you eat makes a huge difference. For me, it's just portion control. Cutting out unnecessary carbs, making sure the ones I do eat are complex carbs (brown rice, sweet potato, etc...). I've been to a nutritionist about 3 weeks ago and have been eating on their plan and I've already noticed my pants fitting looser. I just needed some rules to make it easy to eat healthy. Stuff like making sure your meals are half veg, a quarter starch/carb, and a quarter protein, make assembling a healthy meal super easy. Prepping ahead of time also helps, for example, I bought about 3 lbs of sweet potato yesterday, cubed them, coated them in some grapeseed oil and seasoned with rosemary and thyme, tossed them on a pan and into the oven (425* for 25 mins) and now I have enough food to portion out for a week. Made some cauliflour rice by destroying a head of the stuff in my food processor. That's good for a week there. Takes nothing to reheat.

Point here is that physical exercise will help with strength and toning but you have to fuel yourself properly.

Andry : )

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I teach martial arts part time, have a stationary bike and a home gym at the house, and contently have to remind myself that 10 pushups/squats/[insert body weight exercise here], or 2 minutes on a machine, is better than nothing.
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Convenience has helped me keep a consistent exercise routine going for well over a year. I started with a weight set at home and followed an app to do various workouts. My work has a gym area and they added a weight bench at my request so I just use that area now.

I know if I had a gym membership again I wouldn't workout as much, just too easy to make excuses.
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These days I stick to a somewhat strict low carb/sometimes keto diet and ride my bicycle(s) as much as possible. There's definitely some winter weight put on as I can't practically ride my fat bike in the winter as much as regular biking in the summer but in the summer when things are good I'm out 5 days a week putting miles in.

Overall I think the main thing is to find an active sport or hobby that you really love and can do often. At least for me that was key.
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I'm at the gym three or four days on, one day off. I fast on the off day. If I'm not at the gym, I'm working in the yard or hiking. I'll be supplementing the latter with paintballing at least once a month. My diet's been low-carb for years, and that's had a huge impact. All-in-all, I'm doing pretty damned well for having a fifteen-month-old daughter.
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