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Originally Posted by Alive View Post
That sounds like exactly what I want. Im not one for fancy cars - I like substance. I actually prefer cloth seats, etc. Sounds awesome. I really should go test drive one, but I hate doing so knowing its not a sale for them (now).
I have a 14' limited. I enjoy it. It is way down on power compared to my old car, but the driving experience is so much better.

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Getting some work done on my wife's Jeep, just in time to sell my Jeep.

Then, wheel it a bit, photos, product promotions... and sell it. And convince her to get a minivan (Seriously, those things are comfy and huge inside) while I drive the shop truck.
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here they are 1972 trans am 455 ho 4 speed and 2016 srt 392 6.4 hemi
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Heres the work truck. '16 Silverado shortwide, 2WD, 5.3L, 3.42 gears, and "locking" G80 diff. No other options on it. No fancy bells and whistles, only what a truck needs to be, simple, reliable, and most of all, affordable.
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Just finished painting and now slowly putting together a 1981 Mercedes 300SD as a partner to my 85 300TD. Once I'm it'll become a daily driver and allow me to sell the Magnum.

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Completely rebuilt my axles and suspension on my TJ. I won't bore anyone with the specific specs but this has turned into a very capable rig. Pics taken on the easy playground at Azusa Canyon.

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I've had the STI and CVPI (Not pictured) for a few years now and just picked up the Miata about a month ago.

If you've never driven a miata go do it. They're fun. Note. installing new brake pads and tires on my sti cost me more than my entire miata

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I need both, a Miata and a Rubicon. Both cit my personality to a T
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2008 jk

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Last hurrah on the factory brake setup.

My Little feedback thread
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