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The question, ero import to "costly" to repair?

Howdy gents,

This is a question I'm sure is mauled over many times when someone is buying an older used vehicle. Does the cost of repair prohibit a thrifty buyer from settling on an import such as Volvo or Audi? Looking at SUV/Hatchbacks that offer entry level luxury for under $4000 CAN and the Volvo Xc90 or V70 are fairly attractive. Also looking at Subaru Outback or Forester (Not sure forester came with what I want?), but am curious when it comes to Eros. I mean, I know we're not talking about bread and butter domestics here, but just looking for examples or horror stories.

Also, if anyone can point out other vehicles that might offer features like heated seats, moonroof, power everything, AWD, ect, please feel free. Age isn't a massive issue.


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Manufacturers often use higher end models to experiment with, before lower end models get those options... BMW used to do that with their 7-series - if it worked out, the 5s and 3s would get it. If not, now you have a car with options that were only available for a year or two and is now impossible to find parts for when those experimental options start breaking.

Domestics are not immune to this, but often the base vehicle is a good starting point to add the options onto. A Lincoln Aviator, for example, is a Ford Explorer with a bunch of non-Explorer options, including a DOHC 4.6 V8 and AWD - most of the underpinnings are Explorer, so they're cheaper to fix, but they've got lots of extras to help differentiate the two models.
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