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Got the big tires, just need to decide what to put them on

So my father picked up a truck and ended up stripping it down for parts. He needed the big Dana 80 rear end from the thing for another truck (competition truck puller, he was snapping axles on the truck's stock Dana 61... yes I said 61. Long story).

One of the sets of pieces from the scrapped truck he has no plan for was the tires. A big monster set of 315/75R16's, or in inches, 35x12.5-16. Big meats, practically brand new.

The rims will fit on my current beater truck, an 86 F250, but getting enough lift on it to fit those would get quite expensive. Well, maybe I can squeeze them on with a fender trim, the body is half rotted off anyways (like I said, it's a beater). Those really do need a front suspension lift to make them less nose down though.

Another part of me wants to recreate something similar to what I had just after high school. The old Danger Ranger. It was an 80's Ranger with 7 inches of lift. I had 33's on it, with room to spare. Probably pick up something a bit newer though if I decide to go this route.

Another option is to build a trail riding Jeep. Plenty of half built project trucks on the local craigslist. The old cheap barn finds have all dried up though, so you're usually stuck with something missing some rather expensive parts.
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Find one of these, they're pretty much the ultimate blank canvas for builds. i never knew they existed until I saw one swapped onto a corvette chassis at a neighborhood car show.

They're relatively unknown so they arent being bought and sold at a premium yet.

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Dana 61 huh? Very Interesting!
I'm about in the same boat with your situation. I just rebuilt my axles and entire suspension on my jeep tj and is now sitting on 37s. So I have 5 almost brand new 35's sitting on the side of my house. I'm contemplating throwing those under my jeep WJ which is my daily. And of course that means a long arm kit, massive amount of trimming, and regearing the axles I feel are too small to wheel on those size tires.

I highly recommend picking up an XJ. They are very capable stock rigs and you can easily find one for a couple grand. Might have high milage but if it's a rig meant to be wheeled it shouldn't be a problem. Just swap out the ****ty rear D35 with a 44 or 60 and the front D30 should live up to the 35s if you truss and sleeve it. I think that's the way to go
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