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I have Farmers. I have them for home, (extra) life, and car insurance. I have a great agent. Feel free to pm me if you want his info.

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Originally Posted by flyweightnate View Post
I highly recommend finding a good insurance brokerage; we did because they were able to show us the myriad gaps in our homeowner's coverage then find us a much better policy for only ~$100/yr more. (Named exclusion instead of named coverage. Big difference.)
I'd second this. Using a brokerage has saved me a significant amount vs what I used to pay, along with improving my coverage. Best of all, I don't have to do the shopping anymore.
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Geico is the one that gets complained about the most in the auto body trade. Around here they have the big chain shops as their direct repair. They're getting dirt cheap labor rates, so you can imagine how that translates to your repair. They make their money getting the jobs out faster.
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Esurance....stupid easy, 2001 Afro Van that's not worth much and only liability. Also use them for MC. Same coverage as from anyone else, just less money out of pocket..

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Wife and I have been using State Farm for a long time. Anytime we had an issue, car was taken care of and back on the road quickly. They cover us and then go after the other insurance company. All we have paid is the deductible which we get back 6 - 8 months after the repair, unless it was our (*cough*wife*cough) fault, then we eat the deductible. They never raise our rates either.
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We use Amerprise. Always had excellent service from them. Worked well with me when I hit a 40lbs coyote driving home from work and caused around 3500 dollars in damage to our Audi Q5.
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My family has been with State Farm for many years. They always take good care of us. Probably not the cheapest around but sometimes you get what you pay for.
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I will second State Farm, for auto. Nothing beats having a local office where I can walk in and talk to my agent.

The homeowner policy, however, I cannot recommend because it does jack and squat for mold damage which is a significant risk.
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I've had Allstate for decades. I've made a couple of auto claims and have been happy with the service. (mind you, this also means I have no experience with any other insurance company.)

My Mother had Allstate (basically where I inherited it from) and they dropped her home owners insurance after a second flood claim (within like 20 years) stating she was in a high risk area; which she was NOT. First flood claim was due to a cracked foundation due to the city working on the street outside followed by heavy rain storms, This led to 4 feet of water in the basement. The second flood claim was due to a second story cracked water pipe. I don't remember if they covered the second claim or not before dropping her.
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