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If the show wasn't about zombies, it would totally blow.

There are so many inconsistencies and stupid characters that it is just aggravating to watch. It's like... not horror or suspense when someone just does something that increases tension because they're so ****ing stupid. I don't understand how a gunshot is a big deal, but stopping at a church (seemingly in the middle of the woods, that's some Resident Evil 4 stuff) with bells that have been ringing all day is low profile.

Anyway. I like Darryl (is that the woodsman/hick's name? He's the man) and the old guy who keeps track of the guns and works on the RV. I think he's Dale.

Shane is stupid and obnoxious and so is Rick. I think part of the show is that the characters are cliches, like you have the leader Sheriff, the rogue badass, the black guy, the bimbo, the man who teaches us valuable lessons about racism, etc.
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Originally Posted by bigbthebenji View Post
Zombies are drawn to sound, and the church has a bell on a timer that goes constantly, so wouldn't you expect a constant swarm of zombies there?
Everything is 'off the grid'. There's NO DAMN ELECTRICITY! The CDC blows itself up because the generators are out of diesel, but in a sleepy little hollow somewhere in Georgia there's this little Southern Baptist Church, with an Intermec 24 hour time-clock, which 'magically' has electricity to run the electric bells. Maybe they should share their secret with the government.....

Dopey, but good violence and gore which is why I tune in every week, plus I like to poke fun at the episode writing afterward. This is hella cool!
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Originally Posted by bigbthebenji View Post
AND WHAT THE HECK WAS WITH COMMERCIALS EVERY DAMN 5 MINUTES? How are you supposed to get into a show when you see more commercials for mascara than actual zombies dying?
Yeah that was really annoying. At least now I know why the first episode was 90 minutes. 7 minutes of show for 4 minutes of commercials.... Thank god I recorded it and could fast forward, if I had to watch it live I'd have been pissed.
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My favorite character is definitely the boondock saints' rednck guy, he's the man. all the rest can just off a bridge, and that blond is just annoying as hell!
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Originally Posted by ChaplainBane View Post
Prepare to be disappointed. The problem with a zombie TV show is the fact that regardless of how good/bad the writing is, and how many stars you put in it, if you want the zombies to look good, the FX budget will make it a financial liability. My guess, if it makes it to production, it lasts half a season or less.
so much for this prediction..

(I wasn't able to watch the new episode last night, but I watched the entire first season yesterday, what an awesome day!)
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Good zombie stories, like most of the horror genre. traditionally have also tended to be very short, which makes it difficult to write satisfactorily for a constantly-renewed miniseries without dipping into other, lamer genres. Liiiike soap operas!
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I thought it was a great episode. Can't wait for next weeks! Lol at carl getting shot
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Originally Posted by grimace View Post
Auto-Trigger. The very best there is. When you absolutely, positively got to kill every mother****er in the room, accept no substitutes.
Originally Posted by nerdcore View Post
That was worded better while you were hungover than most internet posts are while their writers are dead sober & pain free.

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It would have been a better story if there weren't so many darn commercials. I had enough of the 3 minutes of story, 5 minutes of commercials.
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if you want close ups of crossbow bolt head shots and squishy evisceration audio,
you have to pay the ferryman.
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