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Stop For The Bus!!!!

What the heck is wrong with people? Each day I put my youngest on the bus and am there when she gets home. I just put her on the bus and something happened that seems to happen almost every time….. a car just drove right by with the bus’ red lights flashing!

If people are so distracted that they can’t see a HUGE YELLOW BUS WITH FLASING RED LIGHTS AND STOP SIGN STICKING OUT THE SIDE, they should not be driving. The bus drivers take the plate numbers down and report them to the police who issue a ticket, but I personally do not think that is enough. Why? Because it is not an every now and again thing, but like I said happens almost every time the bus stops in front of my house. I think people should have to pay a ticket, pay to take a drivers’ education course, AND lost their license for a period of time.

I mean come on… this is about our children. Get a clue drivers!
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On that subject. Dont stop for the bus if your on the oposite side of the street and that street has a median of ay least 4 feet wide or 2 feet tall. You'll have to check your local laws on that however. JUst one of those things that drives me nuts. Im on a 4 lane road, with 10 foot wide medain and some knucklehead stops (normally in a panic) when he need not to and the rest of us have to stop ( and I just know thast one day someones going to smack right into the back of my company van in this situation) The sad part is that every year at the start of the school season there are commercials explaining the laws on school busses. For those wondering, one of the reasons why (in my area at least) are not required to stop on the opposite side of the road if the median is over 4 feet wide or 2 feet tall, is that it is illeagle for the bus company to make the kids cross that kind of street. Now your standard two lane road, both sides stop. whtever your local laws, use caution around school busses and children.
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Al Ray, I believe that is the way it is everywhere. Good points.
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NJ: Not Stopping for Bus=Wreckless Driving

It's up to the officer i believe, but they usually ticket that offense as Wreckless Driving in NJ.. 4 Pointer

But I agree there should be a seperate Fine assosiated with that offense. Just like there is with a DUI...

As long as we're talkin' "Save the children" I loose my mind when some Asshat does 50 down residential streets. They do this all the time at my In-Laws house, It's gotten so bad lately you can't let the kids play in the front yard.. even with supervision. Makes me want to wait outside with a baseball bat and "Explain" the problem to their car.

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Al ray could it be possible that people don't watch TV. I know its going out on a limb here, its just a thought.

/end sarcasium
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I really dislike the fact that busses seem to stop at ever house to pick up kids. What ever happened to the bus stop? I used to walk down with my friends mom and him, and wait at the same place every day. Didnt get there, you missed the buss (Just like that 90's rap song )

And missing the bus didnt mean you got the day off.. it meant you parents were pissed at you because you either had to find a ride there or walk.

Fricken kids these days.... (now I sound like Oldschool... damn hooligans! *waves cane* )
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Yeah.. that's just plain bad right there... What's wrong with people?
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We have the same problem and it seems some of the neighbors are the worst offenders. The same people who rant and rave about needing more police patrols, speed bumps and the mobile radar units are the ones racing by the school bus with a cell phone to their ear paying no attention what so ever. It's hard sometimes not to throw something at them, like a cinder block.
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As to the school bus issue I posted on MCB. Now the bus stop issue,Ya whts up with that? I got stuck behind a buss 3 weeks ago that stopped every 3 or four houses for almost a mile. Why the heck cant they walkandextra 10 or 20 feet beyond their driveway? People are geting lazy these days and they are teaching their kids to be too.
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I have to agree with both of the points being made here. People that do not stop for buses should be given a serious fine. I find it very sad that we do not protect our children more from these types of people. Just last year in this area we had two children killed this way. A teenager decided that she could not wait for the bus to finish and went around it. Very sad indeed. I have railed before in this very forum about responsiblity. This not a small infraction, and the fines must in relative to that.

But to go along with this, come on now walk 100 feet to a cental bus stop for crying out loud. I thought that I was behind a limo bus dropping off every child at their own home the other day. I used to have to walk to school because I lived within 5 miles of the school. I do not want to start the whole walking up hill both ways to school, but lets get out and walk a little. Maybe that would help the weight issue that American children a having
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