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Ive seen my mom try and do this a few times with my step dad. His response usually boils down to "Well if you think you can do better" hands said tools to my mom and walks away. After a few times of that she got the hint.
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married and female has nothing to do with it

I deal with plenty of pea brained stubborn swinging richards
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Originally Posted by matteekay
I agree with Don.
Originally Posted by DashHopes
OMG boobs, beers and Chad Thompson. Nothing could be better.
he doesn't like the salad . . . it reminds him of death
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Bitches be crazy.
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A bit of advice I told my sons:

"If it has tits or tires its gonna cause trouble."
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There are people like that, everywhere. It's not gender specific.
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Originally Posted by ~FinSec View Post
A bit of advice I told my sons:

"If it has tits or tires its gonna cause trouble."


Originally Posted by ~FinSec View Post
If it has tits or tires its gonna cause trouble.

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obviously, they wear the pants in their marage. no man should out of respect for himself, stand back and let his wife make an butt of him and herself. I would simply look at the lady and say "DONT make your husbands inadequacy MY problem, now feel free to leave because i respect you less than the ground im standing on" then just contine to say "leave... LEAVE, leave now, leave now, leave now, leave now...etc"

the only reason they do it, is because their life sucks, and they are dissatisfied with it and throughout their life, they probably learnt it from their parents, that the louder person wins... (strong-man logic). so SMILE (right in their face), and feel like a better human being, but NEVER back down and let them make their ****ty life your problem.

as for the parking spot, carry a camera (just a damn good idea to have a disposable in every car you own). when you "go to move your car" come back out with a camera, take her picture, take the drivers and everybody else's photos and take one of the vehicle and liscence plate. then if they do try and damage your vehicle (i would sit on my bumper and have a smoke for good luck), press charges. if the driver wont give up the passenger, then the driver has to take the charges. way to go, patient driver, your loudmouth girlfriend got you in trouble because you didnt keep her chain tight (sorry ladies)

with the parking spot thing, i would drive away and let her figure out that shes embarasing me by not coming back

ya know, after writing this, i realized i could be describing many of my budies too... men are just as dumb.

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Originally Posted by Mayvik View Post
Bitches be crazy.

I feel lucky. My girl will after an argument she obviously lost, accept defeat, and admit I was right and she was wrong. She generally realizes when she's being ridiculous and will later apologize. It took many years, but I think I got her trained just right.
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I always drop my volume when dealing with idiots, brings em closer to you and makes em concentrate on what you're saying. I woulda told the lady in the parkin lot to kindly go **** herself. If it turns into a shouting match use the most damaging wording you know, just don't threaten bodily harm. Had a lady actually run into me in a parking lot as I was pulling into a spot. She left a skid make leadin up to where she hit me, then tried to blame me. The funny thing is, she hit my rear quarter panel with the nose of her car, her car died with her tires turned towards my vehicle when she hit. She got out (after yellin at me) noticed her tires and how bad it looked, then tried to restart and drive away. Thankfully her car wouldn't start and an officer pulled in.
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Originally Posted by Painthappy View Post
QFT ..
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