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I need a tool apron. What should I get?

While shopping around Home Depot, I finally decided to buy a tool apron. I noticed a lot of them are made with different types of material. Polyester, Nylon, Suede, Leather, and etc.. What is the difference between these materials? Which one will last long?

I definitely want one that has excellent durability and I'll be using it for simple construction work indoors.

I didn't expect to buy an apron when I went there, but this one really fits my needs and it was the last one for $22.98. I could always get a refund if the material on this one won't last long compared to other aprons.

All the other ones I saw were the side pouch aprons in the same price range or higher.

Husky 11 pocket 4 piece combo apron made out of Polyester. It comes in Nylon.

More details about it
Husky 11 pocket 4 piece combo apron 1649

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No one does any construction work around the house?
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I think the one I use is Nylon. Can't seem to find it online ATM but yeah, I think its nylon.
Anyway, that one looks pretty decent. Really, it's just hold tools in between using them so not much to them really.
The one I have (Which is husky by the way) has lasted me about 5+ years so far, building a large 20'x40' wood shed, re-roofing 2 cottages, building a storage loft in my garage and finishing my basement .
With the polyester bag I think you would want to make sure that sharp pointy things don't tear through it.

I also use this (But can't seem to locate it on, just .ca) --> Tool carrier
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figure out what tools your gunna carry then find a pouch that fit those needs.
also left or right handed makes a difference as the tool holders and pockets will be all messed up. what is you main purpose?
each belt has a different tool set.
the cheap leather ones last a little over a year of HARD construction work. nylons last the same buy hold their shape better. the expensive leather ones last twice as long as the cheap leather ones but cost twice as much. so nothing saved but you get a new belt sooner.

I have them all and used them all. did rough frame carpentry for 8 years. after trying every belt I use the cheap leather ones. for a homeowner non commercial belt I'd recommend the nylon ones.

for 22 that's a steal and will last you a long time. keep it!
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I've always used leather. If you treat it right it'll last forever especially if you're in the occasional use category. My preference is also to spend a bit more on a good quality belt then separate pouches that can come off. This way I can position them as well as replace one or the other if one goes bad or if I want to use a different pouch for a different job. For example I have an "electrical" pouch for those times I need a lot of hand tools and not a nail pouch. I can just swap out one of the others.

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Those are aprons? I thought those were tool belts. Aprons cover your chest down.
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Some people call them aprons, some belts, some pouches.

Leather is best, Kunys makes some of the better ones in my mind.
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Yea I prefer leather over anything else too. +1 Kunys here

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McGuire Nicholas.

That is it.

The best. Period.

Oil tanned leather. Pouches stitched open. I have one from 99 or 2000 and it is unreal. Check them out. I have tried everything else...
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well, if you're willing to spend over a hundred bucks on a tool belt, you're either a very busy guy or crazy... or both. I almost did but then I took into consideration that I only spend 10 hours a month doing outdoor construction, not 40 a week like some of my friends.
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