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hell, i'd want her to read to me!

Ex-porn star reading to kids causes stir - US news - Life -

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It would have been embarrassing for me...I would have been humping her leg.

Loves me some Sasha
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She is my new Kindle....
Don't mess with the OLD ones.....
collecting another few mags for my Gun WHORE status!!
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I always find it ironic that some angry parent, in this case some chump named Dudley Wheaton, wants to know why they can't find "a fireman or police officer" to read to the kids at this Compton school.

No "thank you". No "I wish I could put aside some time to be a part of my child's education". No "Thank you so much for volunteering your valuable time to an under privileged neighborhood"

Meeting a selfless act with such a lack of gratitude doesn't make people want to line up to do the same.


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Id want her to read me "Go THE F*CK TO SLEEP"
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Originally Posted by stupiddogg View Post
id want her to read "f*ck me to sleep"

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In Compton, you would think the parents might have other, more important things to worry about...
Originally Posted by Slappadapink View Post
Don't piss on my back and tell me it's raining.
Originally Posted by PitBull View Post
i think the phantom needle is in my arm for good now..
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I think most of the dads like this idea
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oh hell yeah! I have spent my fair share of time 'with' her.... she can read to my kids anytime...
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I find this very upsetting. Who cares about her past. If she was some rehab movie star,know one would have thought twice.

She paid taxes like everyone else.
Wonder what these parents would have thought if Lindsey Lohan was reading. Fine example for any kid.


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