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You got to love local auction houses; major cast iron find.

So I stopped buy a local auction house, just to see what they had. Not too big of a crowd, and it was a hours and hours of Green Bay Packer memorabilia being sold (some nifty stuff, but with the economy the way it is who has money for nick-nacks?). However there was a few gems. I love to cook on cast iron and for a long time all I had was my wally world Lodge Logic pan (don't get me wrong, it's a good pan). Well for $30 I scored 4 more pans. One very small no name pan. One medium dutch oven with lid that just needs a reseasoning. And two real gems, a No. 7 Wapak that's probably a hundred years old and is in rather good shape, and a No. 5 Griswold that's at least 60 years old and is in nearly perfect shape. The Griswold is darn near as smooth as glass, and seasoned perfectly.

Definitely a worth while trip.
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I have been bargain hunting for cast iron myself. I have one of the new lodge logic pans I use most, and my M-in-L bought me a new bacon press for it. I found a small (6" maybe?) unmarked cast iron pan for a couple of bucks at a locak goodwill. I did use it once, but I am a bit afraid the seasoning may not be seasoning. I got this fear in my head that it was used as a decoration and maybe the nice "seasoning" is actually paint or stove black. I'd like to strip it and start new, but my oven doesn't have a self cleaning feature.
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Originally Posted by CJOttawa View Post
Cooked bacon on cast iron this morning - followed by eggs.
My heart hurts... but it is so good.
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man, talking about finds, supposedly some of the storage wars guys found a treasure chest with 500K in treasure in a unit this week. They paid about 1k for the unit!
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I just read about that. Not naming who won it though. I love going to local auction houses too! Between cast iron cookware to record players, they normally have it all.
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