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Take care of yourself brother and do whatever you need to do,We'll be here when you're ready to come back.
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is in the left gate...
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Originally Posted by S7G
To step away from this fine sport. So I will be giving away around 175 markers and equipment to the lucky folks that have been such good friends over the years.
I have gathered my gear and most of it is sitting in boxes already pre addressed.
It is all going to be going out soon.
One lucky person is getting two boxes of brass. Was two heavy to ship as one.
When you get the boxes Just make sure if you do not want the markers etc that you pass them on to someone who respects the sport.

That is all!

Hope all goes well for you. You're keeping the patriotic one with your name on it, right?
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Good luck, we rarely agree on anything political but I respected you as a person, for what you do and who you are.

I still shoot your old 'tooth.

Rest easy.

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Dave, let me add East Tennessee to the list of places to stay! I hope everything's OK and you just need a small break.

You will be sorely missed, even though we never met in person. The one transaction we had a few years ago was smooth as silk, something I came to find was how you do business, period. Paintball is (temporarily ) losing a great ambassador, someone who exhibited a love for the game and for the players alike. I still remember reading about the Castle game last year where you won a gun and immediately put it up for auction to raise more money for Joe Jansen. You, Sir, are a class act, one who should be emulated by all payers.

Again, Thank You for you service to our country, defending the freedoms we take for granted most of the time and fighting the good fight for those who couldn't.

Take care Dave and God Speed.

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You will be back. Be sure to drop in here every once in a while even though you are out of paintball.

And remember, certain AK MCB members are your friends too...
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OK, this has been here for a while, But am I the only one who has actually noticed the lack of Dave's post's? Both here and on the Guild.....
We really lost a great guy here, Damnit!...Maybe I am 1 beer to far along and just feeling emotional....But this is no small loss.

I really hope one day to see S7G back on MCB, If not on the field.

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Originally Posted by ilerman View Post
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