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Mossberg 500 Combo kits?

Any opinions on the mossberg 500 kits they sell?

Dick's sporting goods occasionally does a Mossberg 500 synthetic, 28" field barrel, and 24" rifled cantilvered slug barrel, all for $300.

This looks significantly cheaper than any other 500 kits out there. Is there anything they are "skimping" on with this kit, other than the scope which I've read is mediocre at best? I want to know that I'm getting a solid gun and barrel set. If the stock ends up being too flimsy, I'll replace it down the line when I can afford to be picky. I just want to know that it's going to perform at the level of a Mossberg 500.

I'm looking for a good all purpose deer hunting gun that is also ready for any other sporting stuff I want to throw at it - bird hunting, skeet shooting, etc. Shotgun is a necessity because it opens up a lot more hunting that is close to where I live (shotgun/ML only zones)

I'm pretty sure this is the kit that fits my needs, just curious on what everyone else thinks of them.
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No 500 would have enough corners cut to make it worth less than that.

Take a look at one. If you like it, grab it. I've never heard of any 500 getting worse or more cheaply made parts because of anything, let along a sale like this, and you can always change out whatever you want if it turns out they're cutting costs by giving you the furniture with knotholes or something.

Really, a kit like this and an 18.5" cylinder-choke barrel would give you one gun that will do just about everything useful.
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I bought mine for that price and I haven't had any problems with it. They are great guns and the synthetic stock really doesn't make a difference. I say pick it up.

Here is a review I did on my Mossberg 500.

Mossberg 500 Review - YouTube
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