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dd is a '03 ford focus sedan . . . 2.3l 5spd car that I installed the SVT suspension on, and also ditched the balance shafts out of the motor. its small, its ugly, its a coppery tan color that doesn't show dirt, its got 120k miles on it, and its really comfy and actually fun to drive hard

see? boring

my truck is a '76 F150. it has a 300/6 in it, with a 4spd - granny 1st gear is next to useless unless its loaded down. my grandfather bought it brand new - it is a true california truck, actually built at the old ford plant in san jose. my grandfather ordered it without a radio or cigarette lighter, but with a sliding rear window and cab lights . . . lol

some pics . . . using it to go camping

getting firewood

replacing the clutch . . . that NP435 transmission is heavy

spray bombing it at a 24hrs of lemons race

we turned it into a pool at the same event

emptying said pool

I love my truck. I've driven it cross country twice, and taken it on countless other road trips
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Originally Posted by matteekay
I agree with Don.
Originally Posted by stimpy
don is on the path to everlasting coolness
Originally Posted by DashHopes
OMG boobs, beers and Chad Thompson. Nothing could be better.
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'00 Jeep Wrangler TJ 4.0L 5-speed manual with a 3" OME lift and 32" BFG All-Terrains. The old ****tybuilt bumper, with rusty bits and the light bar ripped out in the process of recovering a bucket truck from a snowbank, has since been replaced by a Procomp bumper and some Hella foglights.

It's loud, noisy, rides like hell, cold in the winter, hot in the summer, gets terrible gas mileage, rattles and squeaks, and just starts briefly making random awful noises once in a while just to **** with me, and I love it and want to be buried in it.

Also my bone-stock (For the moment) '10 Kawasaki KLR650. Got her for a really good price when the '11s were being cleared out as well, apparently nobody likes them in blue. (Fine by me, it's my favourite color).

Probably going to buy a pickup for a DD this summer so I can really start modding the Jeep, hopefully I can actually find a dealer stocking Ram 1500 Expresses ($25,000 for a 4WD, single-cab, short-bed Ram with vinyl seats, bedliner, dual exhausts and a Hemi? Hell yeah!)
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My 00 Expedition. 2WD and hates the snow. Poor thing was a Florida truck and not liking the winters up here. Almost 180K on her, she's still running strong though. The air horns on the roof help me survive on these tough Rhode Island roads.

I will be looking for a AWD version soon of this model
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That my main it more than my car
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A 1988 volvo 240gl as I sadly and regretfully just sold my cutlass.
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A Nelspot that isn't rough around the edges needs to be put on a wall or scraped across some rocks.
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people should not watch laws, sausage & markers being made
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04 Cavalier LS Sport

Turbocharged, standalone engine management, coilover suspension, in the neighborhood of 275 whp and fun as hell, as long as the summer tires are on the car... Right now they're not
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'07 Impreza with about 120k miles, had since new. No better snow car has ever been made. Handles like it's on rails. I love this car, and will definitely be keeping it until it's good and dead, which hopefully won't be for a long time.

'99 Camry with about 150k. Was my FIL's car before he passed. He kept it immaculate, and now it's the wife's DD and our long trip comfy cruiser.

Both are about as reliable as the sun rises in the morning.
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Oil Burners all the way. 200TDI Beetle and 1991 w250 with a Cummins 5.9-12v
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